Monday, February 18, 2013

Long night...

Cause my kiddo is sick.  Thankfully no horking yet, but he ran nearly a 103 fever and he is coughing his sweet head off.  We got some meds in before bed and the humidifier, but he still coughed and moaned in his sleep... which kept waking me up because I was worried he would start the horking with the drainage.  I am so tired this AM, I can't even remember the times for the meds I gave him.  So, I'm going to have to wait to give him any more.  Which is fine because the cough meds are 12hr., allergy med is 24hr., and the others are only 4 to 6.  So, I only need to wait the full 6 from when I for sure know I gave him meds.  The other stuff he won't get until bedtime and tomorrow.  I hate being tired -- my brain just is super forgetful!  I'm doing a bit better than I was when I first got up.  I drank a big cup of coffee and ate and now I am drinking a full glass of water.  Then I will have more coffee or tea and then more water.  Hopefully keeping hydrated, eating on time, and taking my vitamins will help with the sluggishness.  I know it won't get rid of it, but I am hoping to just keep it at bay.  And if younger will let me later, I may sneak in a nap.  I'd really like to get in a nap and then a workout.  I think the workout would help give me a little boost.  I always feel a bit tired after, but then I get a little boost after my snack and can usually power through the rest of the day.

I still haven't decided on weighing, but I am happy to say that I have been staying busy.  I'm trying to keep up the housework a bit every day and not let it get outta control.  So today I have wiped down counters, scooped litter, swept and swept some more.  I may even try out that new formula for cleaning the floors.  Last time I just used vinegar and they just weren't as clean as I would like.  The time before that I actually mopped but that is hard to do with my youngest always home.  I even dusted.  :)  I think here in a min., I will work on that project I keep putting off.  I really need to finish it up but every day that I think I could work on it, something comes up and I end up doing something else.  I'm tired today, so an easy sewing project would be good.  Especially since I am in between books right now and I'm too tired to work on anything else.  Although, it would be amazing if I could work on some photo projects... I bought a bunch of frames on clearance at Kroger Marketplace!  They were like, $30 marked down to $8!  AND, I LOVE THEM!  They match what I have in color even though the style is a bit different which I like.  I like for frames to go, not match.  I'm weird like that.  LOL

Today's Food:

4 slices of toast -- 240
2 tbsps. butter blend -- 100
4 tbsps. strawberry spread -- 160
Breakfast total -- 500

Chicken noodle soup -- 160
4.25oz. avocado -- 145
7.5 crackers -- 65
Water -- 0
Lunch total -- 370

Cosmic brownie -- 280
Coffee --0
Snack total -- 280
Over by 80, but it was SO yummy!  SO SO SO!  LOL

About 2 cups of romaine -- 16
28g mixed cheese (shredded) -- 110
3oz. roasted chicken -- 140
2.75oz. tomatoes -- 14
2 tbsp. honey mustard with bacon -- 110
Dinner total -- 390

Currently at 1540 for the day and trying to decide if I am going to have dessert tonight or pass.  I like that my range is staying right between 1600 and 1700.  I do NOT like that I didn't work out today.  But with being up with a sick kiddo last night, I guess it is ok.  I sorta kinda hope that my youngest will go to bed without much of a fuss and I can get a quick workout in later.  Maybe some upper body and a quick ride.  Even if it is only 20mins.  I would settle for that since my total time would be over 30.  But usually, I get into it and end up doing well over the 30.  LOL

1 12.5 oz mango -- 213!
I think my Costco has huge mutant mango's or something.  That CANNOT be normal to get 12.5oz of meat off of a mango!  The average, according to my calorie counter, is 7.3oz.  I know I didn't have to eat it all, but dang was it good!  SO SO SO GOOD!  I am thinking of buying and keeping all of them next time, waiting for them to get ripe and then freezing them all to make mango Sorbet.  YUM.

Still haven't worked out.  Just SO DANG TIRED. Not gonna happen tonight although I SHOULD since I went over cals.  Today's total -- 1753.  Over by 153.  I should've had a better breakfast.  I think when I am tired, I crave carbs.  If I feel the same way tomorrow, I think I am going to go for a few carbs but force myself to do protein.  I did great at lunch and dinner and even snack getting in lots of fruits and veggies, lean meats and good fats.  It was breakfast that started my day on the wrong foot... I didn't do better at snack either.  But at least otherwise I was pretty on par.  I also did great at eating up some of the fresh stuff that is quickly heading toward the garbage.  I have 3 pears nearly ruined and I STILL haven't touched them.  I need to find a way to use them...

OH CRAP!  I just discovered that the avocado info I was using was WRONG!  I was accidentally using the amount for 'FL' avocados instead of the regular CA ones.  :(  Which means overall, my calorie counts are MUCH higher.  :(  I'm all bummed out.  Big time.  I ate a large serving of it today since my lunch was so low which probably put today's total up over 1800.  I AM PISSED. I normally only eat a half serving.  I guess I better get downstairs and get on the bike.  Normally I wouldn't worry about it, but that is way over.  :(   :(   :(  

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