Sunday, February 24, 2013


I truly hate being sick.  Like, REALLY.  I feel like cursing right now but I know it won't change a thing.  I just hate it and hate the fact that when illness strikes (especially when it hits all of us at once) my entire schedule is all out of whack.  and let me tell you, for me that is a big deal.  It makes me feel even WORSE if that is even possible.  And right now, everything is out of whack.  All of it.  Sleep, food, sex, workout, school, cleaning... you name it and it's outta whack.  Grrrr!  I know it'll come back, but I really am sort of a routine sorta gal.  And this last week is a lost week.  I know its only one week but still.  It blows!  At least my food has been pretty good.  We did have fast food one night, but I honestly felt so bad and was so tired, I could've gone to bed without food.  But I needed to feed everyone else so the hubby just got the Taco Bell.  And it wasn't bad... just a smidge high.  I just got whatever but couldn't remember the cals in the Meximelt.  I should've just gotten the beans but by the time I thought of that, he was pulling around.  No biggie, I wasn't over too bad and the next day was low so I guess your body balances it all out in the end.

A good thing is that with not eating out much, we have started making some of our fave take-out dishes at home -- one of them being fried rice.  And let me tell you, the hubby's fried rice is as good as any I've ever had at any restaurant and he puts BROCCOLI in it for me!  WOOT!  It is just SO good and the stuff you get in restaurants is so calorie dense.  It's nice to have that at home and be able to enjoy some Asian stuff without feeling like the sodium is going to make me explode.  I think it depends not just on the amount of sodium but the type.  It seems to hit me at one place but not the other.  I'm convinced they must use some sort of MSG product.  Honestly, we are finding more and more reasons not to eat out.  The only valid reason we have anymore is for date night just because we get to sit and relax while someone besides us does all of the work.  LOL  To include the cleaning!  HA!

Ohhh... Afrin.  How I love you!  I just sprayed my nose like, 10mins ago and finally the sinus swelling is going down.  With my Sudafed and allergy meds, I hope to be somewhat functional today.  Yesterday, I wasn't and I wasn't much the couple of days before that even though I tried.  I really hope today is different.  And its a nice day out... maybe if they kids want, they can get out and get some fresh air... I just don't want them to play too hard and get sicker, ya know?

Today's Food:

4oz. blackberries -- 50
3 strips of bacon -- 120
2 slices of toast -- 120
1.5tbsps. butter blend -- 75
Drizzle of honey -- 30
Breakfast total:  395

1 cupcake with powdered sugar -- 115
Coffee -- 0
Snack Total:  115

Mac-n-cheese -- 220
6.5oz. kiwi (3) -- 112
Water -- 0
Lunch Total:   332

2 slices of Kirkland pizza -- 555
2c salad -- 15
2 tbsp. honey mustard dressing -- 110
Dinner Total:  680
Hmm... this seems really high, but I guess that is right.  I didn't measure the dressing, just put on a drizzle, but again, round up!  I literally ate romaine with dressing so I didn't need much.  It was good just like it was!  NOM.  Anyways, considering I was fairly low until here, I feel pretty good.  I hope to only maybe have some hot chocolate and hit the hay.  But that depends on how the kidlets behave.  Right now, I'm starting to feel frazzled.  I had a good day and got a few things done, but now I am tired and ready for peace and quiet.

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