Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Yesterday and today

Yesterday's total was 1522 for anyone that was wondering.  I never felt hungry and just a bit thirsty so I just drank my water and then went to bed.  Which is fine by me.  I guess I didn't need any extra cals!  LOL

I did end up having a pretty productive day yesterday.  I'm glad of that because the truth is the hubby just can't do much around here.  He works 12hr. shifts and then has full time Engineering school so his time at home is limited.  He does a great job balancing it all, but he can't help out too much when it comes to housework and stuff if I am down.  But Lord love him, he tries.  He tries hard!  Thankfully it was only a day or two that I felt really really bad and the house isn't as bad as it could be.  I got many toys picked up, things put away, and just picked up and straightened up in general.  Today I really need to do some more.  Especially downstairs.  But we will see.  Trying to decide if my oldest should attempt karate today or not.  He still has some cough and my youngest really feels like poop.  If he felt better I'd be all for it, but with him so bad, I have no way to get Riley there without taking my little one with me.  I thought of going and just sitting in the car with him so Riley could still do his class.  But we will see.  I will be calling this time if we can't make it.  I also need to call because they are still charging us for the second class when we dropped out back in January.  I went to pay bills and caught this month's charge.  I need to make sure that gets canceled and returned.

OY.  I feel like crud.  I thought I felt bad because my meds were kicking in but I have yet to feel better.  I just feel... off.  I'm going to try hard to at least get dishes in order and the laundry taken down but other than that, I've only held the couch down.  Yeah... not good.  But how do you force yourself to do stuff when you feel like yuck?  UGH.  Just going to keep up with the essentials and  hope this passes soon.  At least I got the karate thing fixed, bills checked, and a photo project done and edited.  Plus, I sorted and purged my photos and now I need to transfer and back them up on my USB.  That actually took over an hour.  :O  But at least I got SOMETHING done.  Now I need to work on the 3rd one.  After that all that is left is 4 and 5.  I already have the photos for that, I just need to get them matted and hung.  So really... I'm doing well on that front.  Guess I need to finish some paint and call it finished.

Today's Food:

1 Kroger blueberry bagel -- 260
2tbsps. crunchy PB -- 190
1/2 tbsp. honey -- 30
Coffee -- 0
Breakfast Total:  480
I purposefully went over.  I wanted this bagel so I decided to have it.  So, I literally weighed out my PB and honey to get an accurate count of what I ate.  Just so I would know.  Turns out I was way overestimating honey.  Geez it takes a lot of honey to make 1 tbsp!  And let me tell you, I eyeball a tbsp like nobody's business!  I checked what I thought was a tbsp. of honey against the weight in grams and I was SPOT ON!  But it's nice to check every once in a while.  Honey was really the only shocker.  I've probably been overestimating that but meh.  It is what it is.  Makes up for anywhere that I underestimated.  Although, I don't tend to be bad about that.  I try really hard to be as accurate as possible!

1/5 slices of Kirkland pizza -- 417
6 oz. kiwi -- 104
Water -- 0
Lunch Total:  521
I know I know.  A bit high.  But.... I ate late.  I got busy on a photo project picking out photos and doing some editing so I literally just ate and it's a little past 4.  So... no snack for me.  Now I need to decide on dinner.  I'm thinking ravioli.  SO NOM.  And I don't think hubby has had it, yet.  I'm somewhat low on fruits and veggies until I hit Costco later this week, so anything that would be like meat and veg would have to be from frozen.  Which I could easily do.  But do I want to or do I want the ravioli?  I could do sausage, a baked potato, and something else... hmmm...decisions decisions decisions.

6 ravioli's with Johnny Garlic spread -- 435
Water -- 0
Dinner Total:  435

Currently at 1436 so I can have dessert if I am hungry before bed.  I am thinking either hot tea and a couple of squares of dark chocolate or just hot cocoa.  My poor head is stopped up and I've been woozy all afternoon and didn't manage to get much of anything done.  Sorta sucks.  Now I just feel wiped out and am seriously wondering how on EARTH I am going to stand in a shower and wash myself.  UGH.  Maybe I'll do a bath.  A bath sounds good!

4 dark chocolate squares -- 190
Hot tea -- 0
Dessert Total:  190

Today's Total: 1626
Woot!  Happy with that!  :)

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