Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Rain again...

It's another rainy day and they are saying that more rain/snow is moving in.  Hmmm... not sure how this will factor for the week.

Yesterday wasn't very productive as far as housework went.  I did the very basic like dishes, dinner, and keeping the house from looking like TRU exploded in here.  That alone was a pain with my head all swimmy.  Not to mention, youngest was off all day and then when my oldest got in, he was SUPER grumpy!  He was hateful and talking terrible to me!  I finally had enough and went off on him.  If he does that again today, not only will he have a sore backside, but he will be writing sentences until he has blisters!  It is SO annoying that men and kids always seem to forget that they aren't the only people who exist in the world and get sick.  :/  My hubby has really been the only person to come home and ask me, are you ok?  I know oldest is only a kid, but it irks me at times.  That's why I've let it go so much in the last week.  I know he's been sick and out of sorts, but enough is enough.  Illness is no reason to treat someone like trash.

Speaking of trash.... I'm kinda worried about weighing in on Friday.  What if there is no or little loss?  I think I may have a cow.  And I am probably more worried simply because of being ill.  It's not like I've been working out even if my diet has been good.  I don't know if not weighing in every day has been good for me because now I feel like I am starting to stress over it and I don't want to do that.  I had wanted to focus on the food and exercise and while I have, I feel like now if I don't see some sort of movement after over 2 weeks, I'll be bummed out.  I guess I just have to keep telling myself that its only a number and I'm making progress.  And that is what it is about.  PROGRESS NOT PERFECTION.  And that is what I am going to try to focus on and NOT stress.  Stressing won't help.  But I really do hope to see a good number on Friday.  I had sorta hoped to go to a 2 time a month weigh-in.  Daily tracking has become tedious enough without having to do that, too.

Today's Food:

3 choco donuts -- 230
coffee -- 0
3 slices of bacon -- 120
4.5oz. blackberries -- 55
Breakfast Total: 405

1 strawberry poptart --200
coffee -- 0
Snack Total: 200

Chicken and wild rice soup -- 180
apple -- 100
Lunch Total:  280
I didn't finish the soup or apple, but I will probably finish the apple here in a bit.  I hate to waste apple.  But I can't do the soup.  Maybe I'll finish it with dinner.  :)  My head, neck, and shoulders are killing me.  Hate this weather!

2 tortillas -- 150
About 2tbsp. or 1/2 of 1/3c. cheese blend --  55
1/2tbsp. butter blend -- 25
2tbsp. salsa -- 30
1tbsp. sour cream -- 30
1/2c. beans/peppers -- 130
Dinner Total:  390

Today's Total so far: 1275
I've felt off today even with doing a few things here and there.  I think its the weather.  I had carbs thinking that would help, I had a healthy lunch, I even had lots of water and a whatnots but nothing (including meds) has helped.  TIME FOR BED.  I MAY have some hot chocolate and some pretzels.  I just wish my head would stop banging around.  :/


  1. Sounds like you had a frazzley day. I'm not sick, but I've been a little off lately too. It's snowing a lot here, and something in the air just makes me want to sleep a ton and hide under my blankets.
    I'd put off the weigh in until you are feeling back to normal. Weigh in when the number won't upset you- no matter what it reads!

  2. I have a new teenager in my house and he's been on the war path lately, so I get it. Hang in there!

    And these crappy winter doldrums need to go. Like....stat! Everyone has them. Everyone!


    P.S. I'm new around here. :)


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