Friday, March 1, 2013


To finish off last night, I had about half a cup of hot cocoa (if even that) at 40 cals and then 4 Deli Pops at 40 cals.  OMG.  I love Deli Pops! Use that as a link to get to the site.  YUM YUM.  I get the crunch of a chip, the airiness of popcorn, and the taste of almost an unsalted pretzel.  I usually crave them when I'm wanting some crunch.  :)  That added 80 cals to my 1275 is 1355.  I'm happy with that.  Now, on to today!  And errands!

Today's Food:

2 danish rolls -- 360
3 slices of bacon -- 120
coffee -- 0
Breakfast Total: 480
A bit high, but meh.  I'm cool with that.

3oz. blueberries -- 48
1/2c fried rice (home-made) -- 158
Water -- 0
Lunch Total: 206

1 cinnamon apple fruit bar -- 120
coffee -- 0
Snack Total:  120

1/2 pork chop (2.5 to 3oz) -- 185
1 serving Kirkland potato blend veggies -- 70
1/4c steamed rice -- 80
Dinner Total:  335

So far...  1141.

WHEW!  Got errands done at both Costco and Kroger plus got gas and did a meet for a purchase.  YAY ME!  Also was able to give the hubby some quiet time while he worked on his schoolwork.  Going to TRY to do a bit of the same tomorrow.  I plan on doing some housework upstairs and down and then maybe running to Academy to get my parents an exercise bike and stop at Michael's for some matting.  I just want to look -- not sure I will buy.  I have an idea to make a border/mat with some leftover black ribbon I have or maybe some other color... Or maybe taking scrapbook art paper and shredding it to make one.  We will see...  I'm full of ideas, but finding the time is super crappy at times.  Know what I mean?  Especially with hubby back in school and me still sick.  I'm doing better, btw, but still get swimmy headed and fatigued easier than I would like.  Which means that so far, I have YET to try out my new Polar FT7 HRM.  Grrrr!  Go away evil cold!  GO AWAY!  I felt pretty good most of today just my head felt weird.  Then I sorta pooped out for a bit.  But after my snack, it got better.  Just been a weird week.

On a good note, while I was out and running around, I ran into a friend I hadn't seen in quite a while and she was like, "Look at you, Ms. Skinny Minny!"  I cannot tell you how much that hyped me up!  I was floating for the rest of the day.  It's nice that she noticed.  :)  Sometimes that worries me that people don't notice because I'm going through this so slow.  There are days that I sit and think I should just buckle down and lose all this and get it over with.  Then I have to get real with myself and realize that I have tried that before.  I've tried being super restrictive and working out like crazy and the honest to goodness truth is I burn out and end up back tracking.  I may be moving slowly, but by golly, it SEEMS to be working.  Mostly what is good for me is that every years since my youngest was born, I end the year weighing less than I started the year.  I'm not having those insane Biggest Loser losses, but I am having losses.  And that makes me happy.  I realize this isn't for everyone, but it's working for me.

I do sometimes feel that I am judged more harshly because I am not the typical 'dieter'.  I feel like sometimes my food choices or amounts are looked at by people and they say well, no WONDER you aren't losing much!  You're still drinking coffee, eating pizza, enjoying pastries!  Why yes, yes I am!  Because this is NOT a diet for me.  I've changed the types of food I am eating (much more fruit and veg), the amounts, and the times.  I'm being more active.  I have embraced this as a lifestyle and as a result, I don't feel.... limited.  At all.  I feel like I can do and eat whatever I want within moderation and there is nothing wrong with that.  But I feel judged at times for not doing more, working harder, killing myself in the gym.  I don't really care to some extent simply because I've tried that before and failed.  But in a way, it bothers me because each person's journey is their own.  Each person has to find what works.  Sorry if I am rambling... just was on my mind right this minute.

Oh!  And I forgot to mention that I bought ANOTHER bathing suit today.  LOL  Yes, I think this is either my 5th or 6th.  I thought it was black from the pics, but it is actually pewter -- which made me love it more!  It's a halter style with boy shorts.  I NEVER thought I would do a boy short, much less a freakin' two piece, but I seriously love it!  I sorta want another one in another color.  HA!  My other suits all have the skirt bottoms.  One is black, one is teal.  Then I have a one piece that is navy blue.  I really love all of them!  Hopefully they all fit this year... I think they all fit last year but were a bit snug.  Hopefully this year they will just fit.  :)  I'm sorta excited about vacay... excited about my new suit and last years suits.  hee hee hee!

Well, I've rambled on and on.  Will post this either tonight or in the AM in case we decide on a dessert.  :)

***UPDATE:  Just realized I didn't post this.  I'm pretty sure I had hot tea at 0 and 4 dark chocolates at 190.  Making my daily total:   1331.  Well, that is if I am right.  LOL

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