Sunday, February 3, 2013

Snow Day?

Its snowing here but just barely.  Everywhere around us, literally, is covered in snow but we barely have any.  AARGH.  But oh well, it is what it is.  I don't really care one way or the other, ya know?  But it is kinda sucky when everyone is posting all of these great sledding pics and great snowmen and we barely have dust.  They showed some pics from the news channel and it literally looks like it snowed a circle around us.  How does it do that?  And the bigger question would by why?  UGH.  Annoying.

Anyways, had a nice night out last night and I updated my previous post with food and all that.  I feel like I did really well.  I probably could've done without the 2 pieces of tempura, but meh.  The froyo was good, too!  I had gotten some twix on mine (3 pieces) but it didn't taste good so I stuck with the froyo and the cherries with few pieces of waffle cone and some nuts.  Yummy and not crazy bad.  :)  I must've done ok because weight this AM was the same as yesterday -- 187.5.  :D  However, what is NOT so great is that for two weeks in a row, my weight has stayed the same.  I guess I deserve it eating out two times in one week, but I really didn't feel like I did horrible enough to not have some sort of loss even if it was only half a pound.  This right here is why weight loss is such a pain in the ass to me.  Seriously.  In a typical month I only lose 2lbs.  Even if I am spot on and workout like I should. 

Hmmm.... just went back and looked at my entries and it turns out that since Jan. 10, I've lost 3.5lbs.  My weight on the 10th was 191.  I guess I've been sorta hard on myself.  I was thinking I had weighed in for the first time on a Saturday, but I guess it was a Thurs.  Weird.  I guess I decided on a Saturday (the 12th) because from my calendar, I got up and weighed in that day at 191.5 and then worked out for the first time.  If I go by my Saturday one, I've lost 4lbs. for January!  :O  WOW.  I feel much better right now... Worse about the holidays but better about January!  LOL  Now I feel like an idiot.  Oh well, at least I figure it out and quit beating myself up!  Here is my calendar for the month.

I know it looks weird... the little red marks are for my monthly cycle.  I weigh daily, so you can see that.  The big check marks are for the days I work out.  I didn't get the month in there, but duh, it's January.  LOL  I need to print off a February calendar.  You can see Feb. 1 and 2 on there -- the daily number is light, but it is there.  Both 187.5.  I will put that on the new calendar, too.  But my point is, it's only been 3 weeks and I've lost 4lbs!  The first of the year is probably a big loss month for everyone because they are so gung ho.  But really, I've been at this for a couple of years now (off and on), so its not really a start for me much as just getting back at it.  Good times.

Today's food:

1 pancake -- 140
1/2 tbsp. butter blend -- 25
4 tbsp. ED Smith compote --  100
4 tbsps. cool whip -- 50
2 slices chicken lunch meat -- 70
Coffee -- 0
Breakfast Total -- 385
Breakfast was SO good.  NOM NOM  And within cals!  Woot!  I almost went back for another pancake, then decided I wasn't really hungry.  Glad I didn't!  I thought they were closer to 100 but then hubby said he only made 3 instead of 4.  So, glad I didn't go back or I would've been over.

3 servings roasted pine nut hummus -- 240
1 serving pita chips -- 130
4oz. blackberries -- 49
Lunch Total --  419
I'll take it.  Oh sooooo yummmmmmyyyyyy!!!!!  I'm addicted to this dad-gum hummus!  I kinda want to eat it for dinner... but I have some tomatoes about to go bad so I'm thinking of making a pasta instead.  I have some pears to eat... so I am thinking I may make a dessert with them.  Warm cinnamon pears... YUM YUM

Savannah Cobb salad -- 270
Cheesy potato -- 380
Diet Coke Zero -- 0
Dinner Total -- 650
This is pretty good -- I skipped snack (by accident) so I had a fairly good dinner.  I also had an impromptu girls night out, so we did a LOT of walking!  So, this meal combined my dinner and my snack.  The thing is, I didn't finish my baked potato or use all of the dressing.  :)

Froyo... again... LOL  I'm addicted!  And 10 to 14 sour balls (the mini ones)... Probably less froyo than the other night because I only used a couple of cherries and 1/2tbsp. of the toffee thing I can never spell.  But you don't need much because it is finely crushed.  I got even less because I was pretty full from dinner. 

Today's Total -- ~1700 to 1800
And I'm ok with that!

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  1. I don't weight in each day, but my dry erase calendar looks just like yours. I mark days that I workout, and I mark when I'm on my period. Think I might just do a monthly weigh in starting in March.


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