Thursday, February 21, 2013


The sickies are spreading.  :/  Youngest woke up feeling yucky this AM.  He has had lovins, meds, and all that and seems ok.  Going to stay on top of his meds and liquids and all that and hope that he doesn't get as sick as oldest.  To be honest, I'm not feeling 100% but I was up a million times last night after a late night of listing more items for sale.  Which I hope sell well.  If not, I'm going to list them as a lot on ebay or something.  Ready to get them out of here!  Slowly but surely getting things sorted, sold and donated.  Progress!  Also, the table I sold was picked up today so there is an empty spot in my garage.  LOVE!  Anyways, back on point.  Tired, sick kiddos and possibly getting sick myself.  Fun times.  That may be why I was so out of it yesterday.  I felt ok, but I kept getting turned around and forgetting things.  I was like a big goofball.  It was weird, really.

On a good note, I got errands and some shopping done.  I truly LOVE thrift shopping!  LOVE IT!  I love good deals.  Don't get me wrong, I like nice things and new things sometimes, but I love getting a good deal and finding things that are unique and cool.  I ended up getting a top, 2 dresses, a cute pot/bowl, an awesome plate tray, some frames, a couple of mirrors, a shelf, a little wooden 'memories'... I just love getting stuff like that and so darn cheap!  I think I was right at 53 with tax.  WOOT!  And get this, hubby had JUST mentioned I was looking so much smaller and asked how much I weighed and I said I had NO idea.  I hadn't weighed in at least 2 weeks.  And he was like, well, you should because your stuff is fitting looser and naked you just look thinner.  I was tickled, but still haven't weighed.  So at the thrift store I grabbed a few things to try on.  Everything I bought was smaller than normal and I thought, meh, it's stretched out.  I got a nice button down top (I normally have to get XL in those), a dress, and then a dress/top thing that was a JUNIORS L!  The dress?  A size 10!  You read that right.  And it was Ann Taylor!  It has this awesome 50's retro feel to it!  :D   But then at Target I was trying on things and all the usual sizes felt a bit big too and I was like, huh?  So... maybe I am slimming up some!  Woo!

But... I still haven't weighed in.  I'm sorta afraid.  *sigh*  Yes, I should be over this.  Yes, I have an NSV of clothes being loser and stuff.  But yes, I'm afraid I'm going to get on that scale and see little or no loss and I'm going to have a tantrum of epic proportions!  And now, now I'm probably getting close to ovulation AND I'm probably getting sick.  Yeah... I am afraid to get on that scale.  Its stupid and I just need to suck it up.  I had told myself I was weighing in tomorrow... but not gonna happen if I am getting sick.  No way no how.  I retain like a mofo when I am sick.  I guess we will see.  I probably should just wait a few more days and do it and get it over with.

Today's Food:

2 slices of toast -- 120
1 tbsp. butter blend -- 50
2 tbsp. strawberry spread -- 80
coffee -- 0
Breakfast total --  250

2 slices of bread -- 120
1 serving spinach dip -- 40
2 slices of turkey -- 60
1 cara cara orange -- 65
Tea -- 5
Lunch total -- 290

water -- 0
1 plain cupcake -- 105
coffee -- 0
Snack total -- 105
I am not purposefully eating low.  I just don't feel great, I'm not moving around much, and that is all that is sounding good to me.  :/  Dinner may be some soup or something or maybe Chinese hot and spicey chicken coconut soup.  I had a moment of feeling better, but now I feel like crud.  I think this storm rolling in on top of the yucks is NOT helping.  I'm all snotty and my throat is feeling weird.  May need allergy meds in a minute.  Already taken sinus meds.  May need headache meds, too.  BLEH.

Home made fried rice -- 315
I so love my husband.  When I'm under the weather, what I typically crave is Fried Rice and soup.  Lots and lots of soup.  And hot tea.  Love me some hot tea!

Blueberry tea -- 0
3 ginger lemon cookies --210
Total -- 210

Today's total -- 1170
Eeks!  Very low today.  But I feel like crap and I'm not willing to force feed myself.  I'm just about ready for bed.  I just don't think I can stay up much longer.  SO TIRED.

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