Friday, March 15, 2013


Early.  That's what my day was.  Early.  But... it's gotten better even after a rocky start.  Emotionally, I still feel out of whack.  I know that's due to some personal issues plus TOM should be here any moment.  But today was even more whack because I got up at 5AM to go potty and never really fell back asleep.  So, I was awake and then fell asleep right before the alarm went off.  Well, I must've been out because I hit the alarm like 3 times!  So, we were late getting up and my kiddo was coughing his head off!  We were suppose to get snow, so I had hoped we would and would be out.  No such luck.  I finally get him to blow his nose, take a few bites of food, get meds him in and send him on.  I try to go back to bed.  No luck.  Youngest gets up I finally get drowsy and he is up and wanting to eat.  UGH.  So, up we go.  Then the phone rings and it's the school Nurse.  She says oldests has a fever (99.2, which is NOT a fever), is coughing (I was on the line 10mins and never heard him cough) and has a tummy ache (duh, he didn't finish breakfast!).  I talk to the Nurse and then him.  He is crying and whatnot and I tell him to take a deep breath, calm down and talk to me.  He does and says his belly hurts but no, he hasn't REALLY eaten.  I tell him to sit down somewhere, sip water, and try to eat his Nutri-grain bar (more on that in a min).  I tell the Nurse to let him do this, I will get myself and my youngest dressed, and we'll come to school and get him if food doesn't help.  She says ok.  That's what I do.  I gave youngest food, got myself freshened and dressed then did the same with him.  Then we drive over to the school.  I figure I'll get there and he'll be fine and we'll go run a few errands or something while he finishes the day.  So, I go to the office.  They have no report of a problem.  I get a visitors pass and go to the Nurse's Clinic.  No one there.  So I go to my oldest's classroom and there he is at his desk all pale and stuff.  The teacher comes to the door and said he's in bad shape.  Pale, not very responsive, but he did finally eat a bit.  Then he walks over and I'm like, where are your clothes???  Ms. Ashley says, well, he has diarrhea.  I'm like WHAT????  NO ONE told me he had diarrhea.  Not a soul.  I get upset at this point and I hug him and say, 'I'm sorry I even said to stay and try to tough it out on the phone.  Go ahead and get your things.  We're going home for you to rest.'  In the epic words of Drazil and Sarah, I seriously thought of going and shanking that bitch of a Nurse!  This is TWICE!  TWICE that heifer has caused issues with Riley!  The first she called the wrong numbers then acted all like we were assholes for not getting our kid.  Uhhh.  HELLO?  You called the hubby's work number and then my cell and NOT the house number!  By the time she called my cell, it was time for them to get on the bus to come home!  So she sent a kid with a tummy ache home on the bus.  A kid who gets MOTION SICK!  Then she 'forgets' to tell me that my kid has crapped his pants at school???  I'd have rushed the hell over there in my PJ's if I had known!!!  I swear, have you ever walked through an Elementary school and all you can think is what the hell is going on here?  Cause that's what I felt and it's not a good feeling thinking that the people watching over your child aren't really watching them as they should be.  That should've been the FIRST thing out of their mouth.  "Yes, Ms. Immagonnashankyou, your kiddo has a belly ache and already had an accident.  But we gave him fresh clothes and bagged up his things.  Please come as soon as you can while we keep him up here and comfy."  I may, MAY blow several gaskets over this folks.

*sigh*  The good thing is, I got him home, gave him lovins and Pepto and he seems to be fine.  If he has what my neighbor and my hubby had, hopefully the worst for him is over and he will be fine and over it quickly.  It just INFURIATED me because I didn't drag around going this AM, but I sure didn't hustle.  Like I said, I thought he was just queasy from sinus drainage and needed to eat so I fed my little one and dressed then got him ready to go.  I was maybe half an hour to 45mins., but good googly moogly cheeseballs, I'd have hurried if I had known he was sicker!  The only good thing is that by the time I had gotten there he had eaten and stayed long enough that today doesn't count against him.

BECAUSE I wasn't rushing, I made the decision to weigh today because I THOUGHT we were going to have my parents up today.  My Mom, Lord love her, is a great person but she eats like shit.  And when I cook, she will rarely eat it.  So, we tend to do take out or go out when she comes.  I still eat pretty darn well, but usually sodium is high so I thought meh, I'll go ahead and weigh.  It's only one day.  Screw you PMS!  Screw you!  So... I did.  Weight?  179.5!!!  It DID flash to 180 so I know that means I am between 179.5 and 180.  Considering TOM should be here any second, I will take it.  TAKE IT BITCHES!!!!  Yes, I'm cursing up a storm.  I need to before I esplode.  And yes, I spelled that ES-PLODE!  HA  Anyways, I'm SUPER freakin' happy with that!  I cannot tell you HOW happy!  I am 3lbs. from the 40lbs. since I got back to dieting and 50lbs. overall.  Just unreal to me.  I even had to go and mark a few things off of my goal list.  I'll have to update that soon!  I can't remember being this weight before... I think it was the 1st or 2nd year I was married.... That's been well over 10yrs. ago.... like 12yrs. ago.  Craziness....

Today's Food:

1 cinnamon raisin bagel -- 250
1tbsp. butter -- 50
1tsp. sugar -- 16
Coffee -- 0
Breakfast Total:  316

1oz. of extra sharp cheddar -- 110
1 peep -- 28
2.5oz grapes -- 50

1c. granola -- 240
1/2c. Greek Yogurt -- 70
Drizzle of honey -- 15
Lunch Total:  325

Dinner was Chinese.  We all felt a little yuck, so this was all that sounded good.  I didn't track, but I ate mostly soup and some mixed of the other stuff.  No dessert.  I was full and figured I had had enough cals as-is!  I will allow myself some leftovers for lunch tomorrow, but no more after that.  My cals total before Chinese was only 829.  Not bad!

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  1. Wow. What the f#$k? If a kid has crapped their pants at school shouldn't that be the FIRST thing that gets mentioned over the phone? Who would mention a cough and stomach ache, and then leave that part out? That would make me pretty pissed off. Bad enough the kid has to suffer the embarrassment of an accident at school, but then to not mention it so that the parents don't know and don't rush to pick them up? Yikes. That is definitely shank worthy.

    Happy for you that the weight is headed down!


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