Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Not a Camper

I am NOT a happy camper this AM.  Emotionally, I'm aggravated and really, REALLY attempting to let it go, but my heart isn't into it.  My heart feels stomped on.  And its nothing new, it's the same ol' same ol'.  So, why does it bug me so much?  Because it does.  IT JUST DOES.  So, on that note, anyone know how you let go of negativity that is latched on like a starving leech?  AARGH.  I feel like normally I am so good at letting things go.  I will know its there, but I just don't let it get to me or I try to make it easier by just working through it.  But I am starting to think that there are just some things I will never work through and I don't know that I should have to.  Shouldn't other people do some work, too?

Anyways, going to go back to bed for now since I think my kiddo is asleep.  He got up around 5 or 5:30 and has been up so I didn't go to sleep since I thought he may get up up.  But all is quiet, so I may go back to sleep for a bit even though it is now 8AM.  Maybe I will be in a better frame of mind when I get up.

Wow.  Slept until like 12!  So, now I am up and trying to get caught up on everything.  I think I will do the same with the house.  I have been behind on the house, but instead was working on projects.  I finished several the other night.  I repaired a shirt, several Angry Bird stuffies, a stuffed Build a Dino that had been ripped open, and a bunny.  Plus a couple of other things.  I also managed to clean a couple of super dingy hats by hand, get some items cleaned, sorted and ready for sell.  I also re-arranged a metal shelf to be used in a different location.  All good stuff.  :)  But now the house is a mess and I need to get going on that.  It's a good way to spend the day since it is still cold out.  Yup yup.  I think that is what I will do today.  Ok, off of here I go!

Doing pretty well.  Youngest's room is cleaned up, sheets changed, and all that jazz.  I even finally sat down and peeled off ALL of that damn stupid sticker that the manufacturer had put on top of the player.... you're suppose to peel it off to use it.  Yeah... it's been there for like, 2yrs. because it was such a PIA to remove!  But I did it today.  The bathroom is mostly straight.  Just need to swish the potty and rub down the sink.  Kitchen is in darn good shape other than the island.  I'm about to work on that AND the dining room.  I just needed to sit and take a break for a few.  I also plan on finishing cleaning up our room later.  I stripped the bed, but I haven't done much else.  But I will.  I just don't want to over-do.  I am going to try to sneak in a light workout here in a bit, too.  :)  Nothing crazy... just a quick Pilates session.  Overall, feeling pretty productive today.  Just not feeling... happy.  I'm going to assume it is hormones and let it go at that.  I don't know what else it could be.  But sitting here and moping isn't going to help.  I just hope I feel better tomorrow.  I hope I have my period tomorrow.  My parents are coming TOMORROW.  UGH.  I can't be all mopey and draggy tomorrow.  I need to be in a better place mentally.  I have to be.  I don't know where else my brain could be.  But it needs to be out of this fog.  *sigh*  I guess I should eat before I get back at it.  I think I'll do that... I'm going to check laundry and then eat.  Yup.  That's what I'mma gonna do.  

Today's Food:

1 cinnamon raisin bagel -- 250
2tbsp. PB -- 190
honey -- 15
coffee -- 0
Breakfast total --  455

1 slice of lasagna -- 330
slice of toast -- 60
water -- 0
Lunch Total:  390

2 servings (4tbsp.) hummus -- 160
6 Deli-pops -- 60
4.5oz. strawberries -- 41
Dinner Total --  261
OK, I know this is low, but I have cleaned ALL DAY and I was just too tired to cook.  So, hubby ate some leftovers and I had hummus.  I may have more -- I just love that stuff!  Or maybe a small salad.  I FINALLY got all of that spinach cleaned up.  This week was a high waste week since we've been trying to eat up the goodies we had bought prior to getting sick.  I lost about half a bag of spinach, a mango, an avocado, and possibly and entire bag of baby cucumbers.  :(  I cannot tell you how sad this makes me.  I've done pretty well on the fruit.  Only lost about one quarter of the huge container and it was totally my fault.  I only have 2 nectarines left (gonna have one with breakfast) and some kiwi (snack time tomorrow!)  And I know my Dad will probably eat an orange and a couple of kiwi's tomorrow.  But man alive, being sick threw off my entire eating plan and I am still not up to par.  :/

1 cosmic brownie -- 280
coffee -- 0
Dessert Total:  280

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