Saturday, March 16, 2013

Unexpected Day

Today was a weird day.  I ended up keeping my oldest home.  He said he felt ok, but his stomach still hurt and felt sorta 'sore'.  So, I decided better safe than sorry.  Then, my parents randomly decided to come up.  We had a great day!  My food was horrid -- I plainly admit that.  But the visit was great and I even got in a trip to Costco.  Oldest also got to rest, eat well, and spend some time with fam.  Hopefully whatever he had is passing.  If he isn't better soon, off to the doc with him!  I'm wondering if it could be something more like he pulled something or has a tiny blockage.  I wouldn't think about it, but we've had that before and folks, it was no fun!  So, here's to hoping he gets well soon.  Not going to worry just yet.  It's probably nothing and will pass.  But I guess we worry because... well, we see and hear so much stuff all the time that our first thoughts can jump to worry!

Anyways, as I said, I ate like crap today.  Did I sabotage?  Did I emotionally indulge?  What was it?  The truth?  I just wanted to eat that shit, so I did.  Here it is!

Today's Food:

4 slices of toast -- 240
2tbsp. butter blend -- 100
4tbsp. strawberry preserves -- 160
Coffee -- 0
Breakfast Total:  500
This is probably a bit high.  I don't think I had that much butter and jelly, but I didn't weight them, so again, better to round up than under.

Lunch was leftover Chinese.  It was mostly beef and broccoli which actually had carrots, bamboo shoots, yummy broccoli, and some beef with rice.  I had like 4 pieces of sesame chicken and one rangoon.  I felt satisfied so that is all I had.  And lots of water.  LOL  I told the hubby he could either eat what was left tomorrow or it was going in the trash.  I hate to waste food, but we've gotten 2 meals out of it already.  If he gets one more, success!  But not knowing the cals, I am just not willing to eat it again.  I really hate to waste the noodles since I didn't eat much.  I wish I had some way of knowing!  LOL

Coffee -- 0
1-2 bites of a Nutri grain bar -- 30
1 devil cream -- 200
Snack Total:  230

2.5oz. grapes -- 50
1.5 slices of pizza -- 555
1 pecan nut beer -- 160
Dinner Total:  765

1 small bowl of wet cereal -- 75
I guessed here.  I had a few bites of the hubby's cereal and it was in skim milk.  I drain mine before eating, but again, I rounded up here.

Total if I am anywhere near accurate:  1570 without the Chinese.  So, I was probably darn high.  But I'll take it.  I chose it, so I better take it!  LOL  Better choices tomorrow, my friends.  Because that is what it is all about... CHOICES.  And today, well, I let that little hunger monster make the choices.  Once in a while, that is ok.  But tomorrow, the lady with her big girl panties on is back at the helm.  :)  Oh, and my 'visitor' finally came last night!  WOOHOO! 

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  1. Reading this makes me wanna eat chinese food. Why is that stuff so tasty and delectable?


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