Friday, March 1, 2013


Welp.  I'm a sickie.  Worse than I thought.  :/  I was in bed literally all day yesterday.  Today is shaping up to be the same.  UGH.  But I DID do my weigh in and the result is....


I think a break from the scale did me some good.  I think I'm only going to weigh-in twice a month from now on.  But for now, I must lay down before I fall down.

***Update:  Feeling a bit better tonight.  I'm taking meds like crazy, trying to drink liquids, eat when I can (and still within cals), and sipping on Amaretto for my throat.  It is helping.  SO MUCH.  Anyways, I didn't track yesterday, well, not on here and I haven't today.  But I am staying within cals.  I'm still shocked over the 5 to 5.5lb. loss... I was hoping for that, but was worried!  So happy to see that focusing on something besides the number worked this time.  :)

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