Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Food food food...

Today's Food:

2 slices of toast -- 120
3 slices of bacon -- 120
1tbsp. butter blend -- 50
drizzle of honey -- 15
6oz. kiwi -- 104
Breakfast Total:  409

1 slice of lasagna -- 330
plain toast -- 60
Vitamin Water Zero -- 0
Lunch total -- 390

1 slice of lasagna -- 330
1 apple --93
Dinner Total: 423
I LOVE leftovers!

1/2 bag of popcorn -- 120
syrup -- 15
2 Oreo's -- 140
water -- 0
Dessert Total: 275

Today's Total:  1632

I should probably lay off of the lasagna... but it is soooooo goooooood!  I love leftovers!  Why is it that Chinese and Italian always taste better the next day?  LOL


  1. Ok, this isn't related to your post- I was just reading your comment on Drazzil's blog, and wanted to ask you about the hair thing.

    I know I've read about you not using shampoo on your hair much, but I was wondering if you use other products in your hair other than the dry shampoo? Is the dry shampoo like a powder? If you do the no shampoo thing do you kind of have to skip on products?
    I've tried to cut back on shampooing before, but my hair is super thick and on the oily side, and never seemed to cut the oil production. When my hair is short I can skip washing it all the time. I would literally dip my head in the sink, rework whatever product was in there, and it would look great. It seems that my longer hair just doesn't want to give me a damn break though.
    I mean, I NEVER wash my hair more than every other day, and often times will go a few days, but longer periods leave me with a stringy dull mess, and I don't wanna look like I am trying to bring grunge back or something. Eeew.
    I'm just wondering if the dry shampoo helps absorb the oil, or there's some magical tips that you have. My hair is thick and heavy, so if I want to curl it, or add some waves, styling or whatever I have to use some sort of product or everything falls out. Is it the product that does me in?
    Oh, and what shampoo do you use when you do wash your hair?

    Honestly, I think long hair is super pretty, but it drives me banana sandwiches insane. I let it get this long for my boyfriend, but come summer I think I'll cut it short again. I prefer shorter hair because I don't have to do so much maintenance with it. Long hair outsmarts me at every turn.

    1. Yes yes. I rarely wash this raggedy mess on my head. LOL The truth is, you have to train it and it takes a couple of months to work through it. Many times, you will feel like you are going to absolutely die and you HAVE to wash it! But your scalp eventually gets use to it and stops producing oil. The oil is there to protect the scalp and it's use to doubling up on production after you wash to protect it. And if you're naturally oily to boot, well, that's even worse! But the longer you can go, the better you will do. And there are several things you can do. 1) you can do a cool water rinse. OK, I can't do this. I can't. If I am going to the trouble of wetting this long stuff, I'm gonna wash it. 2) You can rinse with vinegar. If you want to 'wash', you can use baking soda in the roots, then rinse with the water. Natural, cheap, and gets it clean! 3) Use your regular shampoo. That's what I did. I worked my way up to weeks at a time and then I just wash with regular ol' shampoo. BUT, I also use conditioner -- just not on my roots.

      I do use other hair product -- I have a thermal conditioning spray for when I curl my hair or flat iron and I use hairspray. But I confess, with hair that is slightly dirty, styling is pretty darn easy and you don't need much product. Just try to get products (especially the hairspray) that isn't extreme hold or something or super cheap. That crap flakes when you brush it out! And yes, the dry shampoo absorbs some of the oil, but also gives 'volume' to the hair. The dry shampoo I use is the cheap stuff from Suave or Tresemme'. Both come in a can like hair spray. The trick is to NOT over-spray! You really have to hold it pretty far away, separate the hair, make sure it is WELL shaken up, and lightly spray. You can always respray if you need to. Be sure to work your hands through and rub it in. I only need it typically in my crown area. And I don't typically need it for quite a few days since my hair is trained.

      I love long hair! I don't remember loving it this much when I was younger. I had short hair from about my Junior year in highschool until just a few years ago when I started growing it out. I love to braid it, put it up in buns (messy and regular), I love the big hair with headbands and pretty clips, and all kinds of pony tails! I currently love what I call a tux tail and it works great for quick styling. You part your hair on the side, come it down slick (which works easily with slightly dirty hair), and then pull back in a low pony. Really brings attention to your eyes and earrings. :)

      I hope this answered everything. The hardest part is getting past the first few months of retraining your scalp and living with the 'greasy' hair. Get the dry shampoo, use it, and learn some fun 'up-do's'. That really helps! I actually look forward to when my hair is dirty enough to put up now. LOL

    2. I didn't know it could take up to two months to adjust. That's probably why I have failed in the past when I've tried to stop shampooing my longer hair. I always snapped and couldn't take it any more!
      You did inspire me to look up a bunch of stuff on making natural shampoos and conditioners, and this week I am using a concoction I made with jasmine green tea, baking soda, and coconut oil. I made a "conditioner" with lemon juice, apple cider vinegar, and lavender chamomile tea. I think I'll use this stuff to transition from using shampoo, to just using nothing. So far, I like the home made shampoo. It will need tweaking, and I'm going to play around with it until I get it perfect and post it, but it's cheap and my hair is just as nice as it was using garnier fructis. I hate cheap shampoos, and can't afford the really good ones- so this works fine.
      It was funny reading about all this stuff online. There are all these articles that say how great baking soda and apple cider vinegar are, and then there are articles that are like "Your hair is going to fall out, and you aren't a chemist, so don't try to make your own shampoo." I will never understand people who think you need a doctorate to make your own decisions about things.

  2. We are planning to have spaghetti tonight, girl... I feel your pain on the lasagna!



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