Saturday, March 16, 2013


I feel like I am sitting in a haze.  I had HORRID dreams last night and even though I am now awake and I KNOW everything is ok, my brain is in a mourning state.  Hard to explain.  But that is where I am and my head just won't accept that the dream isn't real.  My head doesn't want to move on and for whatever reason, my body isn't moving along, either.  It's a gorgeous day, so I plan on getting up and out and forcing my way through this.  I can't sit like this all day.  I can't.  But ugh, do I feel sad.  Sad and overwhelmed.  And I know the only way to work through it is to literally work through it.  I will.  I won't let this get to me.  Weird thing is, I am not even really sure what brought this on.  I hate it when strange dreams like this reach out to grab me like this once in a while.  Makes you wonder if it is just something random that happened in the day or if it is your mind trying to tell you something.  UGH.

Today's Food:

2 slices of toast -- 120
1/2tbsp. butter blend -- 50
1tbsp. strawberry preserves -- 40
2 eggs -- 140
1 orange -- 65
Breakfast Total:  415
A bit over, but I'm cool with that.  Need to eat up these oranges before they go bad.  :)

1 slice of pizza -- 370
4oz. strawberries -- 36
Lunch Total:  406

4oz. pork chop -- 301
1oz of potatoes -- 26
1c. spinach -- 7
1.5oz. cucumber -- 6
3oz. tomatoes -- 15
2tbsp. honey mustard with bacon -- 110
1 glass of wine -- 150
Dinner Total:  615

1c. Cocoa Puffs -- 133
1/2c skim milk -- 40
Dessert Total:  173

Today's Total:  1609
I'm good with that.  I'm really happy with my dessert.  I'm not sure WHY it felt and tasted so good, but I feel like a whole grain cereal with some skim milk was such a treat!  I realize there are probably better choices, but I loved this and was glad for the change.  :)  I also feel good about my cals in total considering how busy this day turned out to be.

Yes, you read that right.  To get out of my funk, I decided that I needed to put that negative energy to work and blast it out of my system.  So, I got to work cleaning and organizing the playroom/family room.  I got it all done!  AND, we got the old sectional out and over to the neighbors which was great because now the office area is all ready to get re-done.  I'm ready for it.  I hope I get to do some tomorrow, but we will see.  I really busted it out today and got rid of a massive amount of stuff.  Really.  It's insane how much I got rid of.  It was needed.  We were MAJORLY over done in the toy dept.  I'm sure if the kids realized how much was gone, they'd be bonkers.  But as of now, they seem to have no clue.  My oldest's bedroom isn't bad, but it should probably be done.  My youngest's room is fine.  A few things need to be put away, but other than that, he's in good shape.  Our study is what is going to be such a pain.  It's in bad shape and I'll need a good week or so to work in there.  UGH.  But it is what it is and it needs to be done.  I still haven't decided on a paint color for in there...

All in all, it was a good day and I was happy with my progress.  I love nice days!

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  1. I had this dream Thursday night, and it literally put me in a funk all day. Some dreams are like that- can't get 'em out of your head and carry them around half the day, or even all day. It was such a weird dream- like, about failure and things not working out. When I woke up I couldn't stop thinking about it.
    Seems like you pulled through and got a lot done though- which is awesome. Kids are so funny about toys when you want to get rid of them. If it disappears they never notice though. ;)


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