Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Less processed

I'm up!  I'm up!  And I'm trying to get at'em.  Yesterday was a long day with my tummy being so mad.  I swear, I drank and drank and drank and still not much tinkle.  I think Misc. Mom is correct and I was dehydrated.  I was reading up on Acidity and it says that it can be inflamed from dehydration.  And between being sick and all that other jazz, I very well could have been!  So, I drank and drank and drank yesterday and then after this cup of coffee, I'm going to do the same!  I'm also going to have a Vitamin Water or two.  They are sweetened with Stevia instead of Aspartame or Splenda!  I may have a new love!  Slowly but surely getting rid of the artificial stuff.  I know I won't be able to fully with food, but I just don't want to drink them anymore.  I feel overall I'm eliminating a lot just by eating more whole fruits and veggies that are more natural.  We changed over beef and now chicken.  Beef was a while back.  I know I'm no where near perfect and that there will still be some processed foods in there (like yummy pizza!), but overall, these little changes add up.  :)  Happy Happy!  Now I just need to figure it out for pork...  You never hear much about pork.  Strange...

Anywhoozles... feeling pretty good so I should probably get up, get dressed, and be productive.  I still don't feel bad about yesterday.  My cals have been pretty darn good other than the night we had Chinese and even then, I think I wasn't too far off.  So, I'm feeling pretty good.  Hoping that this week will be the return of working out now that the worst of the illness seems to have passed.  I'd really like to get back to it.  I think some decent planned cardio and pilates will do my body good.  And stretching.  I am trying to decide when to weigh in.  This Friday has already passed and I'm not sure that next Friday is a good idea.  I will be right in the middle of my cycle!  And I hate weighing during my cycle or right after -- I always have this nice drop and then it comes right back.  So... I don't want to see a 'false' low.  Hmmm... Now I'm not thinking the every 2 weeks thing will work.  AARGH.

Well, now that I have had to scream my head off at my kid.  I'm going to get off of here.  I have tried all morning to be patient with him and he has persisted in being a jerk.  Well, now mad Mommy has come out and she's had to get ugly.  I hate screaming and tried to avoid it all morning, but man alive he's been pushing it and pushing it and pushing it.  A body can only be nice and patient for so long before enough is ENOUGH.

Today's Food:

1 cinnamon raisin Kroger bagel -- 250
2tbsps. pb -- 190
1/2tbsp. honey -- 30
coffee -- 0
Breakfast Total:  470
Yes, a bit high.  But it's really all I wanted for breakfast.  And it was yummy!  I do miss the bagel thins... I hope those are back in stock when I go to the store.  I'd rather have the thins so I can have room for fruit.  Yes, I LOVE fruit!  And veg... and meat... ok, I love food.  LOL

5.5oz nectarine -- 69
5 Deli Pops -- 50
4tbsps. hummus -- 160
Lunch Total:  269

2 fish tacos (2 small tortillas, baked fish, lettuce) -- 120+187+5= 312
1tbsp. spicey cilantro sauce -- 65
jalapenos -- 6
unsweet tea -- 0
2tbsp. rice -- 38
4tbsp. beans -- 70
small mixed salad w/feta -- 50
chips and salsa --  187+50=237
Dinner Total:  778

6oz. yogurt -- 164+82
2tbsp. cinnamon granola -- 137
1tsp peanuts -- 41
2 cherries -- 17
1 sprinkle chocolate sprinkles -- 64
Dessert Total:  505

Today's Total: 2022

Wow.  I'm actually pretty happy with this total!  It took me a while to look everything up, but it was really the only way.  But for our 'family night', that worked out really well.  :)  Back to the grind!

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  1. Artificial sweeteners give me migraines which sucks cuz I could sooo drink diet soda all day I'm sure!


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