Saturday, March 9, 2013


No, I'm not upset!  But my tummy sure is!  I'm not sure what I did to tick it off, but it is mad in a major way.  I have had a few random upsets over the last few months, but they have been far and few between.  But today... today I am in pain.  I am hurting beyond what I have in a long time and I have already had a few bathroom trips.  I'm not a horker by nature.  I am a pooper.  LOL  OK, I can't help it, that just sounds funny!  But seriously, when tummy bugs go around, most of the time I don't throw up, I get diarrhea.  Yuppers.  Not that I've never thrown up, I have.  But ya know.  Anyways, usually when this hits I go potty a few times, take some Tums, drink some water, and it passes.  But not today.  Today it is just hurting and hurting and I don't know what has caused it.  And not much is helping.  Yogurt sometimes helps, so I guess I will be having some of that at lunch.  The only thing different I've eaten was hummus, but I have eaten that before with no issues.  It's just strange.  STRANGE!!!

I can tell you one thing, with my tummy so upset, I will NOT be trying on my new crops today. :/  Usually when this hits, my insides are inflamed so I swell up a bit.  I also STILL have the very first pair of goal pants -- also in size 12 in a storage bin in my closet.  They are the ONLY pair of 'goal' pants I've ever bought before.  Funny how they are both 12's.  LOL  I am anxious to see where I stand, but I don't want to do it today with an upset tummy.

Today's Food:

1 cinnamon raisin bagel -- 250
1tbsp. butter blend -- 50
1tsp. sugar -- 16
3 slices of bacon -- 120
Coffee -- 0
Breakfast Total:  436

1/2c Greek Yogurt -- 70
3/4c Great Grains cereal -- 180
1/2tbsp honey -- 30
Water -- 0
Lunch Total:  280

banana -- 89 (Huh, was smaller than I thought! Gotta start checking them!)
water -- 0
Snack Total:  89

2 slices Marco's pepperoni pizza -- 740
water -- 0
Dinner Total: 740
I think this is probably a bit high since my second slice was small, but I'd rather round up and be safe.  But it was SO NICE of our neighbors to feed us since the kiddos were playing.  And honestly, it was awesome to have some adult time!

Today's total so far is 1545.  Pretty good!  I'm not sure about dessert.... I mean, I think I sorta want something, but not sure what.  I know I"m going to be a bit over, but I'm ok with that.  Just don't want to be WAY over, ya know?

Devil cream -- 200
water -- 0
Dessert Total:  200

Today's Total:  1745
A bit high?  Yes.  But... that is ok.  I haven't had a 'high' day in a while so I'm good.  And its the only thing that sounded good after my tummy being all irritated all day.  Which it sorta feels again!  The little cake actually helped some.  But I still may take some more Tums before bed to be safe.  LOL  Still drinking water like I have been all day.  Kinda surprised that with all this water I've not been peeing like a race horse!  Oh well.  Soon I will be off to bed.  G'night and sorry for the crappy post!


  1. If you're drinking a ton of water and not peeing you may be simply dehydrated which could cause for cramping... but you didn't really describe your pain so I'm not sure if that is what it was like.

    I hope you feel better soon. :)

  2. Feel better honey! Tummy issues are certainly going around!


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