Wednesday, March 20, 2013

So far...

So far, feeling really tired today, but super happy that I got in a workout yesterday.  I should've gone to bed sooner last night.  I am so tired right now and I need to get up and get crap done.  I need to get the dishes done, lay out something for dinner, and do laundry.  I also need to finish this book I started because it is due back TOMORROW.  I don't mind to return the other (I can just re-borrow it), but I don't want to return this one simply because if I do, it may be a couple of weeks before I can get it again and then I will be lost.  AARGH.  So... yeah.  I mean, this is what I had planned for the day... but now it is gorgeous out and all I want to do is sit on my deck and soak in the sun.  But I know it isn't as warm as it looks.  I know it's just sunny.  *sigh*  I need to get to work soon.  Especially dishes and laundry.  I also would like to do one project today.  I need to make it a point to try to do one or two projects a week.  But then again, hubby is off tomorrow so maybe I should focus on the house today and then projects tomorrow.  Yes yes.

OH!  I also wanted to talk about how shocked I was that riding my bike burned more cals than I had originally thought.  I used my HRM and was really shocked at how well it worked.  And I was pleasantly surprised that I have been burning more cals than I thought.  Even more so, I discovered that immediately after working out (because I forgot to turn it off right away) I burned more calories just moving around.  This is really making me wonder how many calories I burn just existing.  I thought of wearing it for one entire day just to see.  Today will be somewhat of a typical day, but I haven't put it on, yet.  I thought of putting it on today at 1PM and wearing it until tomorrow at 1PM except for when I sleep.  I don't see the point in wearing it during my sleep... I'm sure I could wear just the chest strap and put the watch on my night stand, but I really don't wanna!  LOL  So... Yeah.  I think I may wear it all day today just to see.  I have 10mins. to decide. 

Today's Food:

1 blueberry bagel -- 260
1tbsp. of PB -- 95
drizzle of honey -- 15
Coffee -- 0
Breakfast Total:  370

1 softbake cookie -- 140
Coffee -- 0
Snack Total:  140

4tbsp. hummus --160
5 Deli Pops -- 50
1 nectarine --57
Lunch Total:  267

1 bag of popcorn -- 360
water -- 0
Snack Total:  360

2c. spinach -- 15
5oz tomatoes -- 26
28g mixed cheese -- 100
2tbsp. honey mustard with bacon -- 110
1 can chicken -- 120
Dinner Total:  371

Total so far is 1508.  I don't know if I will do a dessert or not.  I sorta want to, but I sorta don't.  I just ate a few ago and I kinda want to get to bed earlier.  Although, I really have no reason to.  Know what I mean?  I actually was darn productive today but nothing strenuous. Oh well...


  1. What kind of HRM do you have? I was thinking about getting one, just cause I am curious how close the myfitnesspal estimates are to the truth. I even thought about trying out a fitbit, because they are supposed to be very accurate. Not sure if I really need to invest, but gadgets are fun!
    I was just doing dishes and laundry. Normally we never let the dishes pile up, but it seems like Chris has been doing them mostly for the last week. In silent protest he finally just let them sit for a few days piling up slowly. Today I was like, damn, the sinks are looking scary! I'm generally a stickler about dishes, but sometimes it's nice to be all like, f@#k it, let 'em sit there for a while.
    I wish it was gorgeous here. It's so damn cold and windy. First day of spring, my ass! Next winter we'll be in warm Sarasota, and I'll be on the beach sipping some drink out of a coconut. Ahhhhh.

    1. I have a Polar FT7 and it's pretty cool! I got it used on ebay for like, $50 but they normally run towards $100. If I had it to do over again, though, I would've held out for a Body Media (old name Body Bugg). It's what they use on the Biggest Loser and a friend of mine got one just to see how she was doing. Anyways, her biggest surprise was her sleep (you wear the Body Media all day and night). Her quality of sleep is pretty low! So, I wish I'd had a way to test that... would be nice to know all day cals burned, activity cals, sleep, etc. But mine just covers heart rate, cals burned, and the type of activity during activity. Although, I've heard you can wear it all day and I may try it sometime. I just haven't, yet, because I don't want to be too obsessive. LOL

    2. I heard about the Body Bugg, but didn't know they changed it to Body Media. Bugg is cuter than Media, don't they realize that? If you have a smart phone you can test your sleep quality with a Sleep Cycle alarm clock. I put the app on my iPhone, and it works well as an alarm clock, but also monitors the quality of sleep. My sleep quality is pretty bad, but I already knew that. It was interesting to see it charted out each night though. I have to sleep, like, fifteen hours to get the sleep quality percent in the upper nineties. The boyfriend can sleep for six and a half hours and hit one hundred percent, that jerk.

    3. Yeah... I'm a cheapo here and I don't have an Iphone! LOL So, I guess to find out how I'm doing, I would need the Body Media. I think the name Body Bugg got sold to someone else so they just changed the name to Body Media. I don't know how that works, but it seems like they made a chunk of money and still got to keep their idea and exploit on it some more! I have no idea what my sleep cycle is like, but I would bet not great. I always feel like I am trying to catch up. When hubby is off, he says he tries to let me sleep because I just seem out of it. And I probably am. By the time I get going in the AM, I go and go and go. Then when I am ready to crash, I am fighting to keep kids in bed. Then by the time they are out, I'm wound up! It's a nutty cycle and I've tried to work on it, but with kids.... you just gotta go with the flow. My hubby is the same as your cubby -- he can sleep very little and be up and running easily. I know a new study just came out that said on average women need much more sleep than men, but I've said that for YEARS. LOL


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