Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Worth the wait...

Sometimes, I hate that I have chosen not to weigh very often.  I really want to weigh right now and I'm not sure why.  UGH.  Why is it that I feel that way?  Why is it such a love and hate relationship?  It's annoying is what it is!  Drives me crazy!  I dread it and look forward to it all at the same time.  I want to see that number and want to feel good about my loss, but then I fear looking at it and seeing something I didn't want to see.  AARGH.  I don't have THAT long to wait -- my next weigh-in is going to be on the morning of the 27th, which is a Weds.  I'm doing it that day because we will be leaving for IN that morning, so that is the last chance I will get until we get back.  I am going to TRY to do well on the trip.  I plan on packing some snacks and fruit.  Things I know and am familiar with.  That way the other stuff will be simple, I hope.  I know eating out won't be that big of a deal -- I've gotten darn good at making decent decisions.  No, I worry about eating at the fam's house!  The last time we ate there, it was almost all home-made, full of fat and salt, and carbs carbs carbs!  I like carbs, I do.  But I need some lean meat and veggies in my days!  I rarely have days with NONE of that.  I would've there if we hadn't eaten out some.  It was really the only time I had the option.  Who knew that would be important to me as I got older?  LOL  Anyways, it's only a little over a week away, but I can't stop thinking about it!  How weird is that?  Driving me bonkers.

I know one other thing driving me bonkers... I've not been working out.  Yes, I know that sickness hit here and it's a no no for me to workout with respiratory junk.  BUT, it's been about 3 weeks if I am thinking right.  I should've been back to it last week but I just didn't.  So, now I need to hop to it.  Nothing crazy, just don't want to go another week without doing something, ya know?  Or another day for that matter!  I don't care so much about doing a hard core workout every day.  What I care about is being active over a span of time -- like a year.  I recently read an article (I wish I had bookmarked the link!) that showed that folks who do the over the top workouts for a short period of time do themselves no favors.  Whereas the people who consistently worked out 2 or 3 days a week usually kept it up and had just as many benefits.  What was the reason?  The people who worked out (or aimed to work out) every day got burned out after a few months where the others didn't.  They had the same benefits such as better fitness, better quality of life, weight loss, etc., and many times actually did BETTER.  Because it was fun, and part of life but not overwhelming and just another thing they HAD to do.  They looked forward to it and over time, stuck with it longer, and were consistent.  Maybe that is why the hard, kill yourself workouts don't work for me?  It becomes a chore.  Now, let me be clear before anyone gets their panties in a wad -- this is not true of everyone.  I know a several people who work out hard and have for a long time.  It's their stress relief, their downtime, their ME time, etc. and so on.  I think the article was talking about for a certain set of people that that type of lifestyle won't work.  I know I'm that way.  That's why I am more about doing it how I am.  I need long term consistency vs. short term results.  Gotta do what works for you.  That's my point.  NOT to knock those who want to work hard and workout hard and get to their own personal goals.  Just saying that there is more than one way to get healthy.  And honestly, I love that I have friends all over the spectrum.  Even if we are all doing different things, we all have points to learn from each other. 

Back to my point, I need to get back to it.  I need to have that workout time in and soon.  And seeing my hardcore friends at it reminds me that I'm gotten too lack-a-daze-ical.  Not sure how you spell that, but there you go.  I've let other things going on get in the way.  Yes, I know illness is uncontrollable, but that is no excuse for last week.  I just didn't get'er done.  So, time to get back on the horse this week and get in some time.  :)

Today's Food:

1 cinnamon raisin bagel -- 250
1tbsp creamy PB -- 95
Drizzle of honey -- 15
Coffee -- 0
Breakfast Total:  360
Out of bagels now.  So, on to eggs or something.  I was going to have eggs and toast this AM, but realized there was one lonely bagel.  It was starting to go stale, so I had it instead.  I also finished up the last of the creamy PB.  I'm glad.  I hate wasting food and due to the icks, we ended up throwing out a LOT of food.  And I hate that.  HATE IT.  So, now we are back to trying to eat up some of our food.  :)

1/2 brownie -- 140
Coffee -- 0
Snack Total -- 140

1.25oz. cheese -- 138
2 slices of turkey -- 60
6.5oz blackberries -- 79
2 Deli Pops -- 20
Water -- 0
Lunch Total:  297

pork chop -- 238
1tbsp. bbq -- 40
mac-n-cheese -- 220
Vitamin Water Zero -- 0
Dinner Total:  498
Have I ever mentioned I hate trying to figure out the cals in pork chops?  Mostly because there are so many cuts.  We usually get the pork loins that cut and extra thick.  But we apparently got center chops this time (with the T-bones) for something different.  You'd think they would all be really close, but apparently not!  I love the bones in -- the flavor is always amazing!

Guess what peeps?  I got my workout in tonight!  I getting back out with an easy 30min. bike.  It said like 88 cals... my HRM (Polar FT7) said 145.  I'll take it!  That's about 50 more than I THOUGHT I was getting.  :)  I'm happy with that.  I'll stick with it.  I like the biking, Pilates, and walking.  Oh, and stretching.  :)  Yup yup.  Now... to dessert or not to dessert or should I be good and eat a piece of fruit?  I've not had much fruit/veg.  I plan to get back to upping it.  Today all I had was the dried fruit in the bagel and blackberries.  No salad today, either.  But... not much junk other than that half of a brownie.  But more fruit/veg tomorrow.  :)


  1. That dumb scale! I want to blow it up... Or tape it to a train track... Or gun it down... :)


    1. LOL I'm not 'mad' at the scale right now. I just feel mixed. I want to check it but at the same time I'm worried I will be disappointed. It's a strange world of emotions for me. I keep thinking, things have gone well the last two weigh-ins... what if it doesn't this time and I go back up??? Yeah, I'm weird like that and freaking out and then I think, but what if I am down and have hit my next goal??? UGH. I need to stop thinking about it, focus on the food, get in some good workouts, and just take care of myself instead of staying up until 2AM hanging out and all that jazz. LOL

  2. Yay for getting your workout in! You go girl.

  3. Ug. Scales, oh scales. Mine is still in the closet. We need to start seeing other people. He just doesn't get me. Sometimes I want to weigh, but for the sake of my sanity I am limiting myself to once a month and no more. Otherwise I go banana sandwiches insane, and that isn't helping at all.
    I completely believe that article. I think a lot of people do way too much right away, and they burn out, lose interest, or simply dread their workouts. Forcing a power workout every single day is silly. I also think doing exercises that are hated is flat out stupid. Why make myself do something that I hate (like running) if there are all kinds of activities that I love? Some people and trainers (this is one of my beefs with Jillian Michaels) insist that doing the things that you hate makes you stronger and blah blah blah. I tend to think that it just makes me not wanna work out at all. If the workout has what I call the "dread factor" then I get rid of it by giving it away. I never keep workouts that I don't like.
    I'm proud of myself that I am working out nearly every day now- but it took me months and months to get to this point. Last week I was just too drained, so I worked out three times, but still felt proud about that. As long as I am getting in some kind of activity on most days I am happy.

  4. If I don't get on a scale for a while, it always takes a bit of courage to get back on. A part of me thinks I've regained everything as silly as that is.

    For exercise, I've been lacking in that department since last week. It's hard to get back but once you are in the groove, it's much easier. Remember not to jump into anything too strenuous :) take it easy and build up.

    Good luck with everything!


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