Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The hump

It's Wednesday and hump day.  I never really thought of it that way until I heard that as an adult.  I'm not sure why.  I think because as a teen, I really had more of a social life IN school than out, so I didn't really like weekends but to sleep in.  Until I started working and then it was like, who cares?  I have to be up at the ass crack of dawn regardless!  So... yeah.  Now the only reason it factors is A) It sounds dirty -- so I get a giggle out of it and B) I actually DO get to sleep in a bit on the weekends.  Oh, the joys of a stay at home Mom!

Speaking of, yesterday was pretty productive but today I'm feeling draggy.  I think I might've slightly over-did it.  But that is ok -- I got a lot done and I'm super happy with that!  Today I am thinking more dishes, more laundry, and maybe some bathroom cleaning.  I am also thinking that it may be time to replace my shower curtain liner.  It's getting GROSS.  I had to throw away my bath tub mat -- it too was gross.  :/  I was annoyed.  It's the one thing I've gotten from Ikea and been disappointed in -- it mildewed quickly and would NOT clean.  Let me explain something... I'm sorta cheap.  I don't mind paying good money for some things, but for most things I use what is good and cheap.  So, when I buy shower curtain liners I don't buy the expensive, thick, anti-microbial ones.  I buy the cheap dollar ones.  No, I don't waste and burn through them.  What I do is I take them down and wash them in my washing machine with a drop of detergent and a splash of bleach.  They come out SUPER clean and I just hang that bad puppy right back up!  VOILA!  I typically don't throw them away until the ring holes tear.  But this liner has been up forever (and by forever, I mean years!) and it's getting to where it gets dirty really quickly.  Like the mildew is becoming part of it or something.  So... I may replace that.  But the tub mat made me so mad!  It would NOT come clean!  NO WAY NO HOW!  I was super disappointed.  I thought it would be like the cheap curtain and get a wash and be like new again.  Nope.  Still nasty.  So, I had to throw it away.  I was bummed because we hadn't even had it that long.  It was a cute alligator and my kiddos loved it.  I have another mat, but I don't like it as well.  But I DO hope that it washes better.  Our tub is supposedly textured, but my kiddo still falls in there all the time without the mat!  And the stick on stuff peels right up.  URGH.

Hmmm... I guess I'm pretty cheap.  I was reading over at Frugal Girl about how she still doesn't have a 'smart' phone.  I don't either.  I just can't fathom paying that much for a PHONE.  I have a basic home line, great internet, but no cable.  I'm all kinds of weird!  There are just certain things I will pay good money for but not other things.  Example:  I will pay $100 for a great pair of walking shoes or a good bag, but if its something trendy, I wait for a good sale.  I have this adorbs purple bag that I got for like $7 on sale and with a coupon and I LOVE it!  But I wouldn't have paid more.  I have a Coach bag I got on sale and with a coupon for right under $100 but it's neutral and something I can carry for YEARS.  Does this make sense?  I like to spend my money on long term investments and not something that will go out of style next month.  With clothes, I am very different.  I don't care what brand or where it came from as long as it is made decently, looks great, and I love it.  It can be from Target, Dillards, Kohls, or the thrift shop!  Doesn't matter.  Just has to feel and fit good at a good price.  No point in paying more for something that is usually just 'trendy' and will be out in a year or two.  I guess it's just my way of keeping it all balanced.  I only want to spend money where I will get the most use out of things.

I guess it's good that I'm cheap... I also tend to be very good at recycling and re-using.  We probably recycle more than most, use re-usable bags, compost, and I enjoy taking old things and making them 'new' again.  I've even re-done furniture!  My first go around probably wasn't perfect, but it was good.  :)  I think it will be better next time because you 'live and learn'.  I'm having that dilemma now as we are trying to decide what to do with my oldest's and youngest's room.  It is soooo tempting to say screw it and buy new just because it is so time consuming!  But at the same time.... money money money!  I think I would feel like a failure in some ways.  LOL  Stupid, I know.  But there has only been two sets of bedroom furniture new in this house.  The first set we got when we got married before I knew better.  But we sold it and then got a headboard on sale at one place and then some dressers from Ikea.  I LOVE the look and they are so much better!  The other was my crib set.  But in my defense, it was used by both boys, carted across two states to two houses, and then was sold to a nice young family.  :)  They both now have used beds from one set.  But we want to put the beds back together and have one set each.  Oh decisions...

Food Today:

2 slices of toast -- 120
1tbsp butter blend -- 50
drizzle of honey -- 30
3 slices of bacon -- 120
5.5oz nectarine -- 69
Coffee -- 0
Breakfast Total: 389
Good deal.  I'm happy with that.

2c spinach -- 15
1 can of chicken -- 120
1/3c shredded cheese -- 110
2tbsp. honey mustard bacon dressing -- 110
5oz. tomatoes --  26
Water -- 0
Lunch Total: 381
This salad was SO good.  SO GOOD!  I will probably eat this again tomorrow!  LOL

3 oreos -- 210
coffee -- 0
Snack Total: 210

7.5oz broccoli -- 74
1/2c gravy -- 40
1 slice spinach/goat cheese pizza -- 139
water -- 0
Dinner Total --  253
Yeah... that doesn't sound like much but man was that a lot of broccoli!  I had some leftover and I had wanted to use it up.  I ate it all but two florets.  I just could not eat it !  I didn't finish all of the gravy, but meh.  Anyways, I'm pretty full.  I will have a dessert, though.  I'm only at 1233 so I have plenty of room for whatever.  But man am I full!  LOL  So much broccoli!  LOL  At least I got in plenty of veg today!

honey bun -- 230
hot tea -- 0
Dessert Total: 230

Today's Total:  1463


  1. I always go for quality regardless of price. We get stuff at the dollar store, and other things I am willing to spend a lot on. I don't think of myself as thrifty, but I am pretty good at keeping our grocery budget reasonable without EVER buying anything generic (just won't do it). I agree about clothing- if you love it and have the money, buy it. Thrift stores have good stuff that fits sometimes, so who cares if it is used? I like looks, and am not necessarily into brand names as far as clothing goes- but it just depends. Some brands I just don't get. Like, I think that Old Navy and The Gap sell mostly garbage that isn't great quality, and I wonder why they are so popular.
    Oh, shower mildew. You are the bane of our lives. Lol. I recently started doing this thing that I saw on pinterest (i fudging love pinterest) - maybe you should try it. You take one of those dish sponges with the handle, you know- the kind that you leave full of dish soap with the scrubby attached - (got mine at the dollar store) and you fill the thing with half vinegar and half dish soap. Hang from a hook in the shower (the pinterest pic shows a zip tie looped over the head so that it can be hung) or from a rung, and then use it to do a once over of your shower while you are in there already. It works so great! I do the glass shower doors while I'm dancing around in the shower, and they have never looked better. It takes a minute or two for a good swish-over of the whole shower, and you won't see all the yucky crap starting to grow. We don't use a mat in the bath, but I bet if you got a new one the vinegar thing would keep mildew from ever growing on it.

    1. I buy mostly generic, but then again, I don't buy that much 'boxed' stuff. I do have some things (obviously) but when it comes to canned or frozen, it's all generic. Broccoli is broccoli, ya know? I have had generic from other stores that I did not care for, but I shop mostly Kroger and Costco and find their store brands are just as good, if not BETTER than the name brands. But that's just me. :)

      Funny thing, I felt the same about ON (Old Navy) up until last month. I hadn't shopped in there in YEARS. Their clothes had gotten cheap. And by cheap, I mean CHEAP. They would fall apart and were shapeless. But I went back in last month after being away from them for so long on a whim. And shockingly, I found LOTS of stuff! I was pleasantly surprised! And the prices were good! So, you might want to give them a go. I did the same with FB years agot (Fashion Bug). I think that all companies go through ups and downs with manufacturers and distributors and they will have good and bad. I mean, they are run by humans, so it happens! I am learning never to say never! LOL

      I did try the vinegar thing on the mat. :( I think the issue is that is was an open texture. UGH. My walls in my shower are a sealed travertine, so they rarely get very dirty. The tub isn't bad either (due to jets, I fill it with water and some cleaner in it and it cleans fast and easy. Typically, the curtain isn't bad. I think this curtain is just.... old. LOL I gotta suck it up and replace it. :/

  2. I have a pretty good time balancing between frugal and frivolous. I have a little bit of both those personalities in me.

    Regarding your comment on my post about Zumba, YOU NEED TO DO IT. If you like dancing, AND SPECIFICALLY if you like latin dances like cumbia, merengue, salsa, cha cha etc it is fantastic! You can dance openly and have so much fun with the music and you can modify it to your needs. Also you don't have the discomfort of having to dance with someone else. It is AW-TOTHE-SUM! Honestly. I think you'd really enjoy it because not many are immune to it's absolute amazingness! ;)


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