Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Interesting title, yes?  LOL  I couldn't think of anything, so there you go.

8oz. kiwi -- 138
2 slices toast -- 120
1 tbsp. butter blend -- 50
drizzle of honey -- 30
3 slices of bacon -- 120
Coffee -- 0
Breakfast Total:  458
I miscalculated the size of those kiwi's!  LOL  I had eaten 3 each time before and had gotten right at 6oz.  This time, I got 8.  WEIRD.  So, next time I will only eat two.  LOL  I guess since they don't really have a core, I could probably pre-weigh them, too.

2 small tortillas -- 150
2tbsp. pb -- 190
drizzle of honey -- 30
1 banana -- 105
coffee -- 0
Lunch total:   475
I'm pretty darn sure I didn't use 2tbsp. of PB, but I normally round up if I didn't happen to weigh.  And I didn't today.  I was just too hungry and I'm not really sure why.  I just was.  Not sure what I am doing for snack...  I might end up skipping it because I was thinking of making an earlier dinner.  I feel like we've eaten too late the last few nights.

1 blueberry fruit bar -- 120
coffee -- 0
Snack Total:  120

3 crab rangoons
singapore fried noodles (maybe 1c)
spicy coconut and chicken soup with rice (not much -- TOO HOT!)
No idea of cals here, but I was at  1053 before that.  I gave in after everyone else wanted take out.  I figure eh, its fine.  Not like we eat out much.  Really, I think hubby just wanted it because he goes back to work tomorrow.  LOL  I wanted it because I have been running around all day and I was tired as crap and didn't feel like cooking my original food.  Hubby's doing well on losing, btw -- he's right at 10lbs. heavier than me!  Anyways, I tried to eat some soup but it was so hot hubby took it and tried to add more chicken broth to cool it down -- 2 c worth.  But it is still hot!  So, I doubt I even had half a cup of that.  I normally love it, but it was just over the top hot.  Like they forgot and spilled in too much!  I ended up eating the 3rd rangoon just to try to kill the heat!  I WAS DYING.

Anyways, I'm really full now and I don't think I will be doing dessert as planned.  I need to finish up some laundry and then maybe head to my room to chill and do some sewing.  I have lots planned out for tomorrow like reading and maybe doing bills.  LOL  Busy busy busy!  HA!

 ***UPDATE:  I had 2 ginger lemon cookies and hot tea for a total of 140 cals.  We ended up staying up late to watch the weather since it was snowing.  We were HOPING to get school called out -- no such luck.  :/  


  1. I don't like when food is so spicy that you can't even taste it anymore. What's the point of that much spicey? Seriously?!
    How much snow did you guys get? I think we got six or seven inches. I cripple myself shoveling, and oddly enough, don't even regret it.

    1. I would say we got a heavy dusting. You know, enough to be annoying but not enough to stay home. UGH. And I don't know why they did it. Honestly, it looked like they forgot to put the broth in it! LOL So, we added broth and it was like it was when we had it in the restaurant.


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