Friday, March 8, 2013

A second first

Today's Food:
1/2c grits -- 71
1 tsp. butter -- 36
1tbsp. maple syrup -- 52
2 eggs -- 120
1 biscuit -- 180
1/4c gravy -- 44
2 thick cut slices of bacon -- 122
5oz. pineapple -- 71
Coffee -- 0
Breakfast/Lunch Total:  652
I had to look each of these up, but I'm fairly sure it's pretty accurate!  I feel pretty good about this since we ate late and I knew going in that this was going to be a combo breakfast/lunch for me.  I honestly thought I was going to be closer to 900.  So to see 652?  Yeah, happy with that!  :D

2oz grapes -- 39
5.5oz Kiwi -- 95
6.5oz. nectarines -- 81
Snack Total:  215

Sabatasso's pepperoni pizza for one -- 300
1c spinach -- 8
2.5oz tomato -- 13
1tbsp. honey mustard with bacon -- 55
Dinner Total:  376

I'm at 1243, so that is pretty good.

Today has been a busy day.  Did lunch with a friend and her kids plus my youngest, hit Costco after a detour to come back home to get my wallet (I owe said friend some moola!), and then some visiting with same friend once oldest was home from school.  Then I came home, fed the kids, picked up and swept, and had my own dinner after making the kiddos dessert.  They wanted fresh strawberries with coarse ground sugar.  YUM.  Not sure what I will have for dessert.  I know I'll have something, just not sure what.  I am seriously thinking half a cinnamon raisin bagel with butter, cinnamon and sugar or something like that.  Although typing it out, it doesn't sound as good.  Oatmeal sorta sounds good... I don't know WHAT to have.  UGH.  Maybe just a couple of cookies.

Anyways, I did something today I've only done one other time in my life -- I bought a smaller pair of pants as a 'goal' pant.  I bought them because... I wanted them.  They are CK crops in Kelly green!  I am so close to being down another size (5lbs or so).  I'm not sure when I will get there, but I have been wanting them and when I saw them I started to get 14's and then was like, but what if I am able to lose more before vacay and these don't fit anymore?  I went back and forth and back and forth and I'm still not settled with the decision.  I am going to try them on and then decide.  If they are just really snug, I may keep them, take a pic in them, and then take another pic in a few weeks.  But then I may just take them back and get the 14's.  I think it will just depend on HOW tight they are.  At this weight, I think that I will be able to get them on, but they will be TIGHT.  I shouldn't fit them well until the low 170's.  Right now, my 16's are loose, and my 14's slide right on.  12's should go on but not fit right now, start to fit ok, in the upper 170's, and then fit well in the low 170's to maybe high 160's.  Not thinking beyond that.  Don't know if I want to!  I know my body shape will have a lot to do with it, too.

I have to confess, I love my body shape.  Out of all of the shapes I could've gotten and had weight issues, I'm glad to have what I do.  I've heard people say, 'You carry your weight so well!'  I use to think that was something people just said, but it's true.  I KNOW I carry and carried my weight darn well.  You do hit the point of WTH and you know you've got to do something because you are either becoming a square or a blob, but still.  I hid it well for a while.  And now, now I realize that my shape is the reason why.  If I gain, I gain all over.  The same with losing.  Which is why I don't think anyone notices my weight loss as dramatically.  It has been slow and all over.  And I am pretty thankful for that!  The only people who really say anything are those that haven't seen me in a LONG time.  And they just say stuff like you're looking great, etc.  It's pretty awesome.  LOL

Well, it's getting late on my end and after a busy day, I'm ready to read some and chill.  I may even have a snack.  I'm thinking... hummus and crackers.  Yup.  You heard right.  Hummus and crackers!  I don't know why, but that sounds SO GOOD.  Such a good yummy way to end the night!  Off I go!  G'night!


3 servings (6tbsp) hummus -- 240
4 multigrain crackers -- 35
5 Deli Pops -- 50
Diet Root Beer -- 0
Dessert Total:  325
Hmm... I feel like I miscalculated here!  When I was adding it in my head, I got like 200 plus crackers and a total of 270.  I'm not sure what I did wrong or if I did do it wrong.  Hmm... 

Today's Total:  1568
Yes, I was still under, but I really feel like I did something wrong for my dessert/snack.... I just am not sure what.  I think because I'm tired I was thinking of doubling and doubled the wrong thing.  UGH.  I think I meant to double to 2 servings but instead doubled what I had already had!  Which in the beginning was 1.5 servings (3tbsps.).  I should've only added another 14g, but I added too much.  AARGH AARGH AARGH.  And what's even stranger is that 1 serving feels way too small, 3 servings is too much (I almost didn't finish it), and so 2 should've been right.  No more than 2.5.  I feel like an idiot.  Oh well, it is what it is and I'm still in line. 


  1. you're soooo good at keeping track! man I need to do that :( Jewlz thank you so much for the supportive and encouraging words! you're beyond sweet thank you :) <3

  2. My all time favorite store was closing (pretty much all of my jeans were from there from the age of 18 to now) for good in February, so I bought two pairs of too tight (but so cute) jeans from them. They are both 14s, and I actually have worn them, but yeah- totally too tight still. But CRAP, I couldn't pass up brand new super cute jeans that were on clearance and were only ten dollars a pair!!! I decided to get them because none fit me well and were all either a bit too big or a bit too small.
    Though I made a vow to no longer purchase anything unless it fit beautifully- I broke it, and I don't feel bad about it. They'll fit soon, damn it!
    I love the shape of my body too. The only bit I've ever really grumbled about was my arms, but I'm glad that I gain weight evenly. Even at my largest (222- now at 204) I still maintained a womanly and nice figure. Thank god! Some people have no luck, and crazy shapes.

  3. Your hummus sounds like you over calculated. It is very rare that you see hummus that is more than 60 cals per 2TBSPs. Was yours really 80 per 2 TBSP? I have never seen that before.

    I don't know what deli pops are. So, I don't even know where those would start. Regardless, don't beat yourself up over one miscalculated meal. In the long run it isn't that big of a deal (even though I totally understand the frustration because it happens to me too)

    I too am glad I have the shape I have. (smaller on top, small waist and big ol hips/butt)I am happy that I am not apple shaped or 'boy shaped' and that I seem to gain and lose everywhere (even though my face and boobs are actually the first to see a gain or loss)

    And regarding your post on my Zumba rant THANK YOU! I was almost starting to feel unjustified in my annoyance but if only one other person feels the same then I know I am not being completely unreasonable. And I am completely okay with taking a good thing to bigger and higher levels especially for ADVANCED dancers. BUT for those of us who are still wanting a workout and need verbal cues and are learning, using new songs and dances but keeping it status quo with the instruction would be kinda nice. :) TY for validating my frustration.

    Lastly, you are doing so well. I echo the first comment that you are awesome and keeping track. AW-SOME! Keep rollin girl. You ARE doing this!


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