Thursday, March 28, 2013

Wednesday 3/27

Travel day!  But here's the foodage.

Today's Food:

2 cinnamon rolls -- 320
2 eggs (with butter and cream for all) -- 210
2 slices of bacon -- 80
coffee -- 0
Breakfast Total:  610

2.5 chipotle tenders -- 314
1/2 salad -- 45
1tbsp. bleu cheese dressing -- 68
2 bites of potato -- 90
broccoli -- 70
Mango tea (1) --
Lunch Total --  587 without the tea.  Can't find that info anywhere!

1/2 cafe' mocha -- 135
1 Oreo -- 70
Snack Total -- 205

1 XXL stuft chicken burrito -- 830
water -- 0
Dinner Total: 830

Today's Total:  2232
Terribly high day... but it was a travel day.  Going to try really hard to do better Thursday.  :)  I meant for breakfast to be high, but I honestly thought I did better at lunch.  And at dinner... well... it was almost midnight so I go what I thought was going to be ok.  I had wanted a little salad or something, but that late they don't sell their whole menu.  I would've normally only eaten half and then some veggies or fruit.  But oh well, onwards!


  1. Thanks for the comment. I actually commented back in the post, but wanted to ask you- is there any supplement that I didn't mention that helped you? How long did you take them for? It's crazy that you had the same experience that I did. Well, sorry, here have some freaking Prozac. It makes me sad to think that so many doctors don't even bother researching so that they can help their patients. How irresponsible is that?
    I found the soulcysters site when I was doing my research. Thank fu#$ing God for the internet. What would we have done without so many resources at our disposal?
    How long did you do low carb for?

    1. Geez, it's really comforting hearing your story. I mean, it sucks that you had to go through all that, but it makes me feel more hopeful about finally getting things taken care of. The medical system is such a bust! There are good doctors, but it takes so much effort to find them. I'm grateful that there are more alternatives these days, because it is such a relief to be given real attention and listened to. It is unfortunate that so many in the medical community treat their patients as though they are idiots. It's also sad that even the doctor who finally recognized a problem told you there was nothing you could do other than lose weight. Anybody can pay for a doctorate if they have the means, but you would think they'd take a little more pride in their work and research their clients' ailments.
      I took saw palmetto before and it made me feel really weird and wonky. I've considered trying it again, but want to see how well all the other stuff works first.


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