Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Blurbidy blurb

Today's Food:

1 Costco Croissant -- 339
1/2tbsp. butter blend -- 25
1/3 serving honey -- 20
~2oz. raspberries -- 29
Coffee -- 0
Breakfast Total:  413

2 slices of bread -- 120
1 slice of bologna -- 90
1 slice cheese -- 60
4oz. grapes -- 78
Lunch Total:  348

1 honey bun -- 230
Coffee -- 0
Snack Total:  230

One lamb chop -- 202
1 serving spinach maria -- 176
1/2 roasted sweet potato -- 146
1 glass of wine -- 150
Dinner Total:   674

Today's Total:  1665ish.  I tried to get accurate numbers, but it is hard to at times with certain things.  But I think this is pretty spot on!  Going to try to get some rest tonight so I'm not so hungry tomorrow.  That's why I had bologna for lunch.  I was craving crunchy snack mix, so I made the bologna on toast for the salt and a bit of crunch and then I did the grapes for a pop and sweetness.  It worked!  :D

1 dark chocolate square:  47.5
Dessert Total:47.5

Today's Total:  1712.5
I'll take it.

I'm not sure why, but I'm having a hard time blogging lately.  The words and the jokes just aren't flowing and I feel stunted and forced.  I just feel all out of whack.  Maybe it's Spring fever!  I sure feel feverish and antsy to get things done, that's for sure!  I'm ready for a small garden, yardwork, plants, projects, etc.  I'm ready to get'er done!  But right now, I'm held back by funds, trips, other things and weather.  *sigh*  I hope I can do more.  I WANT to do more.  I need to work on things and feel good and accomplished.  I can do it, I just need to get to it!

No workout today.  I have been tired and overly hungry which is a sure sign I am about overdone.  So, took it easy today, had a good meal, and going to get something in tomorrow.  I'm hoping the weather is nice and we can get out since we didn't today, and maybe get a walk in with the dogs.  We will see!  Ok, this is all for tonight!  OFF I GO!

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