Friday, April 19, 2013

Food and blog

Today's Food:

2 waffles -- 210
3 slices of bacon -- 120
3.5oz strawberries -- 32
1/2 tbsp. butter blend -- 25
2 tbsp. SF syrup -- 15
Coffee -- 0
Breakfast Total:  402

2 slices of bread -- 120
chicken salad -- 75
palmetto cheese -- 70
spinach --  5
pickle spear -- 5
apple -- 80
water -- 0
Lunch Total:  355

2 Oreos -- 140
Coffee --0
Snack Total: 140

2 slices of bread -- 120
butter blend -- 25
bologna -- 90
cheese -- 60
1 serving salt n vinegar chips -- 150
Diet root beer -- 0
Dinner Total:  445
This was our alternative to eating out.  The chips did the trick!

Today's Total:   1342

I'm trying to relax now and just sit.  We had a pretty busy day.  A friend's car broke down so we were on the side of the ramp to get onto the interstate trying to get it up and going, youngest fell down the stairs but ended up being ok, went to 2 nurseries and HD to look at stuff like yard, home improvement, etc. and so on.  Then we came home to the neighbors putting in a fence and well... it's sorta going to intervene on a big project we had planned for this Summer.  You see, our old neighbor put in a water drainage line onto our property line without talking to us.  When we saw what he had done, he was like oh, my landscape engineer said it had to be done this way and will be fine.  Uh.  NO.  It's caused our land, which was too steep to begin with, to start to crack and fall apart.  Which is BAD.  Because at the top of that hill is our driveway.  So, our plan of attack was to put in a retaining wall.  But then when I talked to neighbor, she agreed that it would be better to take out the drain line and move it then backfill that area all together.  But now they are putting in a fence and they want to run it there.  Which won't work.  Because then it will have to be moved when we go to pull all that out and do it.  So... now I am worried about being on poor terms with my neighbor.  Did I mention the wife and I are friends and I love them to pieces???  But their in-laws are the ones that decided this had to be done NOW and gave us no warning.  And honestly, I just don't think we can get it done now.  Hubby is only on his 2 days off (well, 2.5), it is his finals weeks at school, and his job is calling in people left and right to work overtime.  I might be able to knock a good chunk out, but it's gonna SUCK.  That is, if the weather will work with me, I can actually get dirt, and it won't cost a small fortune.  UGH.  Just not a good time for this right now, but I don't know what to do.  I mean, we had planned on working on it, but not NOW as in this weekend.  And if they had talked to us about it before, maybe we could've made some sort of plan and even worked together.  But now we are in a bad position of not being able to be nice because I had to tell them that no, they could not attach to our fence because we had planned to be working there over the next few months.  UGH UGH UGH.

I don't know what else to write about.  I guess I'm still feeling anxious, on edge, and just flat out burned out.  I had a girl's day, but somehow that didn't relieve things.  I think I need to get some work and projects done.  I think I have Spring fever.  I think I'm having a meltdown and I don't know what to do.  UGH.  I think my plan of attack just needs to be that.  I need to work on the house and attack some of these projects and knock them out.  I think once I do that, I will feel more at peace and will be able to just move beyond this.  But in the meantime, this overwhelming anxious feeling is massively annoying.

Ok.  I guess this is all for tonight.  I don't see dessert in my future, but I may.  If I do, I will come back and add it like I did for last night. 


  1. Talk to your neighbors right away, and tell them what is up. If they already knew about your plans it won't be a total shock, and you aren't being mean. If your property is going to fall apart and possibly damage your driveway, well, your needs concerning this issue are pretty important. If you all get along I'm sure your neighbors won't respond poorly. Maybe they could even hold off for another weekend, and all of you could work on it together.
    It was pretty rude of your old neighbor to do things on your property without consulting you. Now all you can do is communicate with the new people and try to work it out!

    1. That's just it -- it isn't really them. It's their in-laws. My real beef is not being notified so we could be more prepared or could give them a time-line. I mean, I talk to her almost daily and she never mentioned it because they storm in and just start doing stuff and honestly, she gets frustrated, too. So, I texted her this AM and told her to tell them to go for it and when I had to rip it all out to do property repairs, they would be responsible for putting it back in since I gave them a heads up. I'm also keeping a copy of the text JIC. I don't think it will be an issue, but who knows? The funny part is, it's been raining and raining since last night and it finally broke for a bit and they are out there working on it. I mean, I don't want them to NOT have a fence, but in all honesty they don't need one! But oh well. I warned them and it will be what it will be.

      And yes, we had MAJOR issues with the last neighbor. He was a huge guy and thought he could rule the world and we went round and round because I may not be huge, but my mouth sure can be! He's the one who shot my dog. I don't know if you remember that. Anyways, he said it was his landscape guy and dude said it would be perfectly fine... yadda yadda. Not so much. It's made it worse which is why I told the new owners weeks ago that line needed to be moved and we would even do it since they bought it not knowing and we should've stood our ground with the old owner. But I was trying to be nice since he was and let it go. Now we're having a major issue and well, it's another major issue on top of a long list of major repairs our house has had to have. So, we do what we can when we can if the weather allows. Ya know? Lordy but I need a beer.

    2. Why the frick does she let in-laws run the show when it isn't their house? Man, I'm glad that I'm not afraid to be aggressive when it comes to MY space and MY house.
      He shot your dog? What the F#$%?! I don't remember that AT ALL!!!! Why did he shoot your dog? If somebody shot Lali I'd go fricken ballistic. Ok, I need an explanation/ story on this one or my head will explode.

    3. Oh man, it was a LONG issue. Mostly, Bear (named because he looked like an old timey teddy bear) got out of the fence ONCE and he claimed attacked his dog. I paid for the vet bill even though I never saw the actual attack. He had a little yipper dog that was known in the neighborhood to try to go up against other dogs and cause major problems. After the first incident, I watched more and when he complained of my dog, I finally told him that if HE followed the law and kept his dog in HIS yard on a LEASH and didn't let it run the fence, come in my yard and pee, and bark incessantly, then my dog wouldn't get so aggravated. He only got annoyed because he was being constantly picked on. And I swear, he WATCHED for when I let my dog out to go potty and then just HAD to take his dog out. Anyways, in a hurry one day I let the dogs out and the yapper was out. Neighbor was in his yard with his dog and a gun. I heard no barking, nothing. Just a gun shot. When I went out, he claims my dog attacked him although I never heard anything but the shot and my door was open. There were no bites, no sign of attack, just my dog in my yard dead. The cops were called and they told me he had the right to protect himself. I said even if the dog did NOTHING? He said YUP. Then told me I needed to 'calm myself down and act rational'. UHHhhh! Dude just shot MY dog in MY yard! Come to find out (2yrs. later) a different neighbor saw the original attack and it wasn't even my frickin' dog! It was a neighbor's 2 doors down that looked so much like my Bear, that they got them confused. She said she even knew that said dog had attacked at least one other neighbor and her dog, too. But my Bear took the rap and as a result, he was punished at a later date by death. I know the guy planned it. I know he instigated it. Why would any normal person take their dog out RIGHT BESIDE a neighbor who also has dogs, not have your own dog contained, and be CARRYING A GUN? You wouldn't, unless you planned on doing something like that. In the end, I raised a big stink but it did nothing. The law was on his side. But I breathed a major sigh of relief when he moved.

      The new neighbors are fantastic and kind people so they have a hard time being 'mean' to family members. But I think this was the last straw -- they really had a hard time this go around. In the end, this actually worked out. They stood their ground and we all came up with a plan that worked. They moved their fence slightly which changed the outline which meant that where the last pole went in was out of the way. The fencing attached to our pole lightly and non-permanently so that when the dirt arrives, it will roll back and we can do the repair and then attach the new pole and fence permanently. So... at least that worked out. And they were so nice about it. She came over and we talked the next day and all seems well. But they are at a loss with their family on how to deal with things because it is much bigger than just this and I feel for them. I wouldn't know what to do, either.

    4. Reading all that made me feel sick to my stomach. I almost started crying. What a horrible man. I cannot believe that he was in YOUR yard and killed your dog. That is so awful. It's sad that piece of shit got away with something like that- especially when it was clearly planned.
      So glad he moved away from you.
      I don't know what I'd do if somebody shot my dog like that. Ug, thinking about this is seriously making me sick. I'm way too sensitive for the world sometimes.
      Sorry you had to go through that.
      Hugs and love!!!

  2. I hate feeling anxious....and it probably is spring fever. Good God - when will summer get here???


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