Saturday, May 4, 2013


Today's Food:

1 blueberry bagel -- 260
1tbsp. creamy pb -- 95
drizzle of honey -- 15
Coffee -- 0
Breakfast Total:   370
I'm pretty sure I've been calculating my cals wrong here.  I double checked today and the blueberry are 260 with the rest being 250.  I also think I was saying wrong for PB and honey.  I think I said 30 for honey, but when you measure it, it takes a LOT of honey to make one serving! 

2 servings hummus -- 160
5 Deli Pops -- 50
1 orange -- 69
Lunch Total:  279

1 cinnamon roll -- 140
Coffee -- 0
Snack Total:  140

No idea for dinner.  I do have some rib meat left over and I am thinking of eating that again.  But with a different side.  Not sure which side to have, but I am not feeling beans.  I think I may roast some carrots or something since I'll probably put lettuce and cilantro on the rib meat as soft tacos.  Just sounds so so so good.  Yuppers.  That's what I'm gonna have!

2 tortillas -- 150
3.25oz. beef rib meat -- 219
1tbsp. bbq -- 35
hot sauce -- 0
2tbsp. sour cream -- 60
cilantro -- 4
5oz. carrots -- 58
Dinner Total:  526
I must have used the wrong amount for meat the other night because I got a much higher number tonight when I went to look it up again.  UGH.  If I had known that I was going to be so over, I probably wouldn't have made the carrots and instead would've only had the tacos and I would've lowered the sour cream and saved myself 88 cals.  I still would've been over, but by only 38 instead of 126.  :/  Still, I'm only at 1315 for the day, so I guess I'm ok.  I still have room for a small dessert if I want it later.  But right now, I'm still really full.  I was so hungry I ate really fast and I think I got overly full.  :/

1/2c Breyers LC ice cream -- 90
1tbsp. strawberry syrup -- 45
Dessert Total:   135

Today's Total:  1450

I'm happy with that total. :)


  1. (about the tanning) Tanning makes your skin crazy if you go too much. I never went too much though, so I've always been ok. Seriously, there are women who look like leather hand bags, or they have skin like an orange peel. Yikes. If you use the pressurized beds you can't burn, and your skin doesn't dry out- so I stick to those beds now. They are more expensive though. It's worth it because it wipes out stress!

  2. Where have you disappeared to lady?


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