Thursday, May 16, 2013

Busy day...

Whew!  Realized that I didn't publish my post yesterday.  Oops!  So, I published that one.  Then I'll publish this one and be caught up!  This will be short as it should be yet another busy day!  So, here's just a quick cover of what went down....

First, we sold the car!  FINALLY.  It's been sitting here for SO long and I was SO happy to get it gone.  We got a fair price and I'm happy with it.  It's good for all of us, to be honest.  It helps our friend who we helped to sell it for, it helps us to get some money back and get it out of our yard, and it helps the people who bought it because we did sell it cheap and hopefully it stays in good shape for a long time!  Next, I went shopping for my Mom yesterday!  I spent an insane amount, but I know that a good amount will go back.  She hates shopping, so I went and bought two sizes of every style I thought that she would like.  That way she can try them on here, pick out what she likes, and I can take the rest back for her.  I think I'm going to just make it her Mother's Day gift.  I am SICK of her dressing dowdy.  Just because you're bigger doesn't mean you can't look good.  I'm a big believer in weightloss, health, and overall frame of mind being mostly attitude.  And if you dress nice, do your hair and overall take care of yourself, you are more likely to make those health changes that you want to make.  Feeling like crap and looking like crap just equals more crap.  So, I want to do this for her to help her get back to her feel good attitude.  I hope this works.... Third, we paid off one of our cards and discovered we had paid more on one of our accounts than we had originally thought.  YESSSS!  That means we have the one account/card left from the first of the remodel to pay off and then we will be working on the upgrade debt which was for our HVAC that was unexpected.  After that, our only debt will be the 80/20 split on the house and the car.  So, one little step closer on the debt front!


3 slices of bacon -- 120
2 waffles -- 210
1tbsp. butter -- 50
2tbsp. SF syrup -- 15
Coffee -- 0
Pineapple -- 42
Breakfast Total:  437

1 iced mocha latte -- 180
half corn and scallop chowder (no bread) -- 100
bleu cheese and walnut salad --  582
1/2 balsamic dressing -- 120
1.5 baguettes -- 200
1tbsp. sundried tomato butter -- 40
Lunch Total:  1222
I had to guess at the baguettes and butter -- it's a new item so the only thing I could base it on is their regular rolls and butter.  I rounded way up on both, so hopefully that covers them.  AND, I added the full salad even though I didn't finish it.  And I don't think I even used half the serving of dressing.  Did I mention we did a TON of walking, too?  LOL

Dinner was literally a few bites of potatoes and green beans.  I was still too full from lunch to eat dinner since we ate lunch late!

1 bowl of kettle korn -- 140
water -- 0
Dessert Total:  140

Total:  1799.  Let's just say 1800.  So, I was over, but I'm ok with it.  Next time, I think I will skip the rolls or maybe only have half of one.  :)

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  1. Congrats on selling the car. We've been trying (not very hard) to sell a 5th wheel trailer for quite awhile. I would love to offload that thing this summer.

    Hope you have a great weekend.


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