Sunday, June 16, 2013


Sooooo.... after my post yesterday, my stomach started hurting wicked bad and I had NO idea what was going on.  It continued for a while and I kept having to go to the bathroom again and again.  I chugged water, chewed Tums, etc.  It FINALLY let up, but I have no idea what triggered it.  It's strange.  I go long periods of time with no problems and then BAM.  I'm really wondering if I have an ulcer or some acidity problem.  Seems like it tends to hit when my acid levels are high.  Hubby thinks I should take an acid reducer for a couple of weeks to see if that helps the problem.  I'm considering it.  It couldn't hurt I don't think.  But for now, just going to try to watch my acid and fat intake over the next few days and see if its higher than I think.  Or, it could've just been my body trying to flush out the rest of this illness.... that may be why it hits randomly.  Didn't think of that until now.

Anyways, yesterday was a good and productive day.  I got a lot of cleaning and pickup done, spent a bit of time outdoors while the kiddos played, had the neighbor kids over and even  managed to fit in the beginning of a project that I hope to finish up today.  I may even do one or two more since I got so much cleaning done.  But I really need to knock out some laundry!  Oh boy is there a ton of laundry!  LOL  Ok.  Maybe not a ton.  I have done a few loads.  But I do need to do some so that there isn't so much laying down there to do.  I just don't like it to get too full.  Makes it miserable to do it when you are down to nothing so I try not to do that.  I should've started yesterday, but the other stuff was further up the totem pole for me.  Like the project.  I had a crack in the side of my tub from where the hubby had stood up there once when it was being worked on before the support was in there.  I finally mixed the epoxy and repaired that.  I had been meaning to do it since we put the surround in, but well... just never got to it since it wasn't bad and didn't affect function.  So, I cleaned the crack as best I could, cleaned it all with alcohol, and then applied the epoxy.  It takes hours to dry so I needed to get that done so that other things could be done later.  Hopefully I can get that sanded and polished today.  I also would like to do a pic project or a touch up project.  Not sure which to do...

On the weight front, I'm staying the same.  I haven't been working out or really dieting since being sick.  I don't seem to eat much when sick.  I'm not sure why.  But I feel better today than I have.  Maybe a workout can be squeezed in later!  And so far, food is good.  I wonder if I should go back to food tracking?  I downloaded the MFP app, but so far I haven't used it and I'm not sure I want to.  I'm thinking of going back to pen and paper.  I've done it on here, but I'm thinking that's boring and no one wants to read my food!  LOL  And I think I have decided on how I want to work out.  I'm thinking I will just do what I did last time but a bit more organized.  I'm thinking that on days I do cardio, I will also do upper body and then the following day I will do just lower body.  I can do core/abs pretty much every day if I want to.  That way I do something different each time and hopefully don't get bored.  I plan on doing different things for cardio.  Still looking at places to get a pool membership but so far, no luck in finding one within our budget.  Most places with the pool want a full membership and offer nothing just for the pool.  And a membership is like, $75.  We just can't swing that right now.  At the beginning of Fall, we'll have Preschool fees so we don't dare add any more debt after the new water system.  I just don't want it hanging over our heads.  So for now, cardio will be walking, maybe some jogging, and my bike. 

Still progressing on the debt front.  Last month was good in that one card got paid off.  Vacation was paid almost entirely with cash.  Our revolving credit card (that we use daily for points and pay weekly) was almost caught up and I think it will be after this payment.  And I had made up my mind what to work on next -- the last credit card we have that we had used for the major remodel projects.  It is now under 5k, and I want to get that paid off.  All that will be left after that is the car and then the debts tied to the house.  It's a split loan then we have our CHA and now this water system.  In the last couple of years, we've made great progress on the 20 part of the loan and the CHA system.  Since they are both literally tied to the house, I'm not too invested in paying them off anytime soon.  But I want that card paid off and the water system. 

Overall, trying to work out the plans and talk them over with hubbs.  Just trying to pull us all back together now that vacay is over.  Sleep.  Sleep has been a major factor in that we've been sleeping the days away!  But today was better -- up at 10:30 for me and I got the kids up, too.  Much better than the noon or 1 it was for a few days!  I prefer to be up between 9 and 10.  So, we are getting back to it.  But that's it.  Just... working slowly but surely.  Going to keep thinking on the food tracking, though.  Off I go for now to get my day REALLY going.  I hope.  LOL

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