Saturday, June 15, 2013

Better and Brewing

Hello friends!  I am feeling a bit better today.  Not 100%, but for sure improved.  It's a nice gorgeous day today, and after a restless night I was glad to sleep in a bit.  I'm not sure WHY I was so restless, but I was.  I tossed and turned a majority of the night.  NO clue what could've caused that, but I did.  The only thing I had right before bed was some popcorn because I was starving.  And a big glass of refreshing water.  The water tastes sooooo good you just crave it.  Nuts.  Anyways, I was tossing and turning after taking forever to fall asleep and then youngest was up at 5:45AM.  I think he heard his Dad leave and couldn't get back to sleep.  By the time I convinced him to be quiet, it was well after 7.  When we got up for the day, it felt like I had only been back to sleep like half an hour.  So while we tried to go to bed early, I feel like I got no sleep.  UGH.  Oh well.  Hopefully its just the transition pains of getting back to a 'normal' schedule after vacay.  Those super late nights, sleeping in half the day and doing nothing but hanging out have caught up to us and burned us in the butt for sure!  Hopefully by the end of this week, we are back where we should be.  Slowly but surely.  Next vacay, I think we will make a better effort not to sleep the days away.  I know that is part of the fun, but at the same time if it makes coming home so miserable, not worth it.  But then again, how often do people go to Disney?  This was our last trip for a few years.  We will still have our passes since they never expire, but I want the kiddos to be a bit older and not so afraid of some of the rides.  Plus, I'd like to explore a few other of the parks and not just Disney.  But it was fun for this year. 

On to the topic of brewing.  I'm brewing because I am worried about my hubby.  You see, he's been pretty spectacular about watching food, but he's not put ANY effort into working out.  Which is ok because he DOES work a crazy job and when he comes home, he continues to be active.  He doesn't do 'formal' exercise, but he stays active so that isn't a worry.  So then, what's the worry?  The man consumes freakin' Sweet-n-low like it's water.  No joke.  I have no idea how many he uses in a day, but it's a lot.  You all know that over the course of the last year, I have worked hard to cut out artificial stuff.  I am realistic enough to know I won't cut it all out since we like to eat out and I like some convenience foods.  BUT, I also believe in moderation and smart choices.  So, knowing how much coffee we drink (and tea and flavored water, etc.), I figured that was for sure one place that would make an impact to get healthier.  I have no issue with the milk and cream for him (he drinks lattes), but the sweeteners.... UGH.  I've switched mostly to stevia or real sugar and I am trying to get switched over to Nectresse (made with monk fruit).  I mean, we drink a lot so it makes sense to get away from the fake stuff there.  I rarely drink sodas of any kind or use artificial sweeteners.  I don't even like fake butter.  But the artificial sweeteners and the high levels of other added stuff in food has made me think that we need to be as simple in other things as we can.  So, I'm brewing over how to get him to cut back.  I'm not saying he has to give it up completely, but I just wonder if he would feel better if he cut back.  I'm thinking he must use between 10 and 14 of those sweeteners a day where I may use 4.  I'm trying to cut them out completely or only use if I have nothing else.  But there is almost always something else.  I have already mentioned it, so I guess we will see what he does.  He said he guessed he could try.  I asked if he was worried about the cals (he doesn't like Truvia made with stevia in coffee and we just got the Nectresse stuff), and he said no.  He said he could just go back to sugar and cut cals somewhere else if need be.  But we will see.

It's going on lunch time now so I guess I need to get up and be productive.  I need to do a bit of housework, get these kids outside to burn off some steam, and then I'd like to work on a project and then maybe hit the splashpad later.  I want to wear them out if possible to try to get them in bed half an hour earlier.  Because tomorrow, I'm going to try to get them up at like, 10.  I'd like to get back to getting up between 9 and 10 with no alarm.  Any later and I almost feel like the day is wasted.  Like today.  LOL  But a lot will depend on how I feel.  I feel ok now, but it may be a different story when I get up and get going.  So... we will see.  But I hope to get a few things done.  NEED to.  Maybe we will stay home and just break out the water hose...  kids love water hoses!  HA!  Ok.  Off I go to do what needs to be done.


  1. Yea those sweet and lows are bad news... I read somewhere that it increase the risk of urinary tract infection in women.. I missed your blogs! I can't wait to catch up!

    1. I have to admit, I've heard way less about them than Equal (aspartame). But still. I'd like to get back to a more natural diet if possible. We've made big strides everywhere else, so I guess some now and then isn't a big deal. So what I'm saying is, I don't really expect him to give it up, but maybe just cut back. Moderation and all that. lol


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