Friday, June 14, 2013


Why is it that you always end up sick when you LEAST need to be?  As in, right now?  As in, while I was pondering where to go in my weight loss journey.  As in, right during hubby's time off?  UGH.  This is two times in just a few weeks I've been sick.  :(  Same sort of issues, too.  I'm afraid something erratic is going on with my damn sinus cavities -- they seem REALLY unhappy.  So, the hygdrogen peroxide and water gargles have begun, saline nasal passage rinses have begun, and the meds are in full force.  I hope this passes soon.  UGH.  I should go make some tea.  Yes, I think I will do that.  Who drinks tea when it's freakin' up towards 90?  Apparently sick people do!

Anyways, I'm sipping the tea, drinking tons of water, and even got to sleep in.  But I am still feeling sorta yucky.  I'm thinking of making a cleansing water with lemons, cucumber, maybe some orange and some mint.  Just to start flushing all this junk out and give me a boost.  Because right now, I feel like crap and food tastes like hell.  It really sucks.  I want to be up and doing things, but when I do, my head feels woozy.  :/

On a good note, our new water filtration system was installed.  It was a pretty penny, but we got a good deal through Costco and it was something we had been considering for at least 2yrs. but never thought we would be able to do.  But we were super impressed with this style of system, AND, we can take it with us if we ever move.  It also has a 10yr. warranty.  Why did we want a water filtration system?  Well, let me explain.  When we lived in middle TN, we always had well water.  It was hard (due to mineral composition) but other than that it was VERY clean and VERY fresh with no chemicals whatsoever.  When we lived on the coast, they use a process of distillation and reverse osmosis.  Well, when we moved to East TN, it was a major shock.  Not only is the water pretty hard, but it tastes and smells like shit from the high amounts of chlorine they use to disinfect it.  And in case you don't know what Chlorine is, it's bleach.  So, whenever you drink 'city' water here, you're drinking pool water or bleach.  It's nasty.  Not only nasty, but corrosive.  Now, I drink LOTS of water and I try to always use filtered through the fridge, but those little filters just don't filter out enough.  A large amount of stuff is left and anything else that comes into contact with the water absorbs it.  So, when you water your plants or when you make spaghetti or fill your dogs bowl or even when you put your kids in the bath, you're putting them in bleach.  BLEACH.  Think about that.  It's quite disturbing.

On another flip side of that is the fact that we have sensitive skin and folks in our families with lots of allergies.  This clean and soft water (you add a bit of salt) cleans better so you use less soap, has no hardness so your skin is soft and not itchy, and when you drink it, you feel refreshed.  There is no build up in your machines and overall... it's just going to be a huge improvement.  We've not even had it but a day so we've not seen all of it -- mostly just the taste and smell, the lack of build up on cups, and how soft our hands are when we wash them.  And when I washed out a pot, I needed only the TINIEST drop of soap because it soaped up so well!  I have to say, in the long run, I think that alone will save us money.  Less cleaning products, easier on laundry, and etc.  The coffee cup thing was strange because for YEARS when we've made coffee, there's always been a ring at the top of the cup after use.  We noticed today that didn't happen.  HOW WEIRD???

Anyways, we're really excited about this and figure it's just another part of improving our lives and getting healthier.  I'll possibly do another update and if I don't and you're interested, just ask me again.  But for now I am excited and happy and hope that it makes life considerably easier for us health and cleaning wise.  Ok.  I've rambled enough with my sick self.  I'll let you peeps go.  :)

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  1. Yay on a new water filtration system. BOO on being sick.

    Hope you feel better soon and your family helps out around the house (if not ....create less messes this weekend :)


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