Saturday, June 29, 2013

Getting in the groove

Yesterday was the first day back of tracking food.  And while it wasn't perfect, it was an improvement.  One thing I DID see by looking over it was that I need to get my fruit and veggie intake back up.  I didn't do horrible because breakfast did have natural preserves, lunch had a bit of fruit plus potatoes, and dinner had veggies but of the dehydrated in soup kind.  But I could do more.  So this AM, I've already added the banana there.  It does put me a smidge over, but not much.  I round up my butter.  I measured yesterday just to see where I was at and funny enough, I use less butter than I thought.  I probably only used 1/2tbsp.  But I just rounded up in case.  Anyways, I want to get back in the habit of building my meals around veggies and fruits.  I'm not a purist; I know I don't eat clean.  But I do want to get back to eating more round.  I also need to get to lowering down the carb intake just because that's what I seem to eat the most of that is processed.  And from looking at our pantry/freezer, there is quite a bit processed in our house right now.  Granted, we don't eat it all the time, it's just that we buy in bulk since we shop at Costco.  And we do try to keep it under control.  But we have a lot of it right now and a lot of odds and ends.  Hmmm... gotta figure something out there.  Maybe I need to organize the fridge/pantry/freezer so that the we can easily see the fresh items and the other is there, but more to the side as add-ins so its not the main part of meals.  Funny how we did great on vacay but have sorta fallen off in the last week.  But then again, the last week has been when we've been eating out more.  Yup.  Maybe that whole thinking that eating junk makes you crave junk is true.  Although, I don't think I did horrid, just not great.  Must continue to make improvements and make sure to stay on track.  I have on my 'To Do' list to make a pantry and freezer list to start cleaning some things out so I might as well do the organizing at the same time.  :)

Today's Food:

2 pieces of whole wheat toast -- 100
1tbsp. butter -- 50
2tbsp. organic strawberry jam -- 80
3 slices of bacon -- 120
coffee with 2 Equal -- 0
100g banana (3.5oz) -- 89
Breakfast Total:  439
A bit over, but I rounded up the butter.  :)

3 whole wheat pancakes -- 210
cherries and dark chocolate pieces -- 88
1tbsp. butter -- 50
1/4c. SF syrup -- 30
3 turkey sausages -- 100
coffee w/ 2 Equals -- 0
Lunch Total:  478
This is a bit off -- I fed some to my kiddo.  LOL  And I rounded up on the syrup.  I really should measure the syrup sometime... I did once and I didn't come close to using it.  But just in case I use more than normal, I always round up.  Do you sense a theme here?  lol

1/3c. potato salad -- 135
Snack Total:  135

1 seasoned chicken breast -- 140
1c steamed broccoli -- 30
3/4c white steamed rice -- 240
Soy sauce -- 0
Dinner Total: 410

1/8 slice mango key lime pie -- 304
coffee with 2 equals -- 0
Dessert Total: 304

Today's Total:   1766

Overall, a good day.  Still not 100% on the calorie front, but at least I'm tracking and making an effort.... and apparently re-learning a few things!  HA!  I think I've forgotten a lot since I didn't do it daily.  But I'm working on it!  I will get there!  Now, if ONLY I could figure out where my energy has gone?  I was going along on the kitchen today preparing and cleaning to do the fridge/freezer and the upstairs pantry to eventually get downstairs and I just ran out of steam after my neighbor came for a visit.  And she brought me a yummy pie!  No worries -- I will keep portions!  :D  But I ran out of steam and only managed to get dinner made after that.  UGH.  I need to check and see when my cycle should start... I just feel so tired and that is typical for me right before my cycle starts.

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