Friday, June 28, 2013


I don't think I've been missed, but here I am back anyways!  LOL  I wasn't really gone, just really busy.  But hey, I'll take busy and productive over almost anything!  But before I get going, let me put down my food.

So, what have I been up to and what am I doing?  Let me get to that.

This last week has been busy.  BUSY!  But good.  VERY good.  We got caught up on a TON of yardwork.  A TON.  We also helped the neighbors do theirs.  Poor lady is like, 38 weeks prego, hubby had sudden knee surgery and has been down for weeks, and then the tummy bug from hell hit their youngest child.  So, we tried to help out by doing yard work, running a few errands for them, etc.  They are great neighbors, so we didn't mind doing it at all.  Honestly, we would probably do it for any of the neighbors if they had stuff going on.  And you'd know, because folks around here are pretty obnoxious about keeping their yards mowed!  LMAO  Anyways, we did all of the regular yard stuff plus tree trimming and bush trimming.  I even got a load of pine needles which need to go down soon.  I do have a few more bushes to trim, and I am going to try to work on that this next week if possible.  We also got the back yard in better shape by moving that huge wood pile and cleaning that area up, moved and disposed of a few things and attempted to burn our brush pile but it was too darn wet.  Then we managed to map the new patio, move all of the stones and lay them out, and move the chairs.  All that needs now is to be trimmed down and filled in with the sand, pebbles, and grass.  We are debating using the metal edger to keep everything in.  I originally didn't think we would need it, but now I am not so sure...  Hubby also fixed the gate and I found the rest of the items I want to buy to finish our lounge area.

Next was the kiddos went to their Aunt's house for a few days so we not only got to work on projects, but we also got to spend a few days alone!  What did we do?  Well, I finish sanded that spot on the tub, we tiled the tub surround and then grouted the whole floor.  I also but another coat of mud on the walls and sanded it all.  It still needs a touch up, but it is MUCH better!  THEN, we put in a new toilet and moved the other one downstairs for future use.  See?  Told ya we were busy!  We did have a family day in there AND a date day!  We went to G-burg for the day where we did the Titanic museum, the Mirror Maze, Mysterious Mansion, a fab dinner at Cherokee Grill, and the Sky Lift!  The Sky Lift was on my bucket list -- and I got to scratch that off!  I'm terrified of heights, so conquering that was a big deal for me.  :)  And the Titanic museum was amazing... much more emotional than I had planned for, but so worth it.  Overall, it has been a fantastic week but super busy.

I won't lie -- I've not been on plan and I would say I've tried, but I haven't really.  I've just been going along enjoying things but I know that isn't the way to keep going if I want to get over the next hurdles to get healthy.  I probably didn't do as awful as I could, but I haven't been great.  So, I need to get back in gear.  I'm going to do that by starting to journal my food again.  On here.  I thought of doing it on paper, but I like coming here and entering it.  I'm not sure why.  I just do.  It might be easier the other way, but then again it might not be.  I look up a lot using Calorie King.  But I don't look up as much as I use to because I have a lot memorized.  Although, I'll probably look a lot over the next week or two just to be sure.

Back to my point.  I have decided to go back to what I was doing.  It was working and I was having good results so I don't see the point in mucking it up right now.  I just got a smidge burned out.  But now I've had a decent break and I feel like I'm back in a good frame of mind to focus on the details.  I want to keep workouts simple and focused and attempt to do the same with food.  Right now, we have quite a few foods that need to be eaten up so I will be having a random mix of things, but it will be better than wasting them.  I'm also considering adding protein shakes back in.  I sorta miss them!  Just not sure if I want to do it for lunch, breakfast, or a snack.

On another good note, my ulcer seems to be improving.  For the first 3 or 4 days, I was super on my game with taking the meds, eating the banana or cabbage, eating yogurt, and lots of water.  After that, I kept up with the meds but not so much the cabbage or yogurt, but eating the banana.  And now after a week, I am feeling MUCH better.  I can actually drink coffee in the AM and not feel like the flames of hell are licking my insides.  I have decided to stick with the meds and the banana and eat more yogurt until I've reached 30 days.  I really like yogurt anyways, but I have to remember to eat the banana.  But I'll get it in!  I will!  LOL  Maybe not every day, but as much as possible.

So, that's the week in a nutshell.  I'm sorry for the lack of posts for anyone that WAS looking for me, but things always seem to slow down during the Summer months.

OH!  And I haven't weighed lately.  I did a few days ago, but it was at night after I had eaten so I know it was off so I didn't take it to heart too much.  I guess I should weigh-in soon, huh?

Today's Food:

4 slices of whole wheat bread -- 200
1.5tbsp. butter blend --75
2tbsp. strawberry preserves --80
Coffee black with 2 Equals -- 0
Breakfast Total:  355

2/3c potato salad -- 270
3 chicken nuggets -- 125
2 bites of banana (1oz?) -- 25
2 strawberries --  5
Lunch Total:  425

couple of handfuls of fruit and nut mix --300
diet coke (unfinished) -- 0
Snack Total:  300
I had two good sized hand fulls.  It says one serving is 1/4 and 140 cals.  So, I rounded up to 300 to be safe.

1 Udon bowl -- 440
Dinner Total:  440

tea -- 0
3 ginger cookies -- 210
Dessert Total:  210

Today's Total:  1730

A bit higher than I would like, but it'll do.  Easing back in.  yup.  Easing in. 

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  1. It sounds like you got a LOT done. I did notice you were briefly away so YES you were missed :)

    Hope you have a fantastic weekend and good luck staying on track.


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