Tuesday, July 23, 2013


*sigh*  The blogs lately have been... boring.  And what I mean by boring is that only maybe two of the folks I regularly follow are blogging.  I guess like me, things are going on and people are either falling off of the wagon, busy, or have their own level of drama they are dealing with.  Mine is a weird mixture of all of the above, but I figure, meh.  I will get through it... and I don't really want to lose my followers... if I really have any.  I probably only have a few, but I love you guys!  ;)

Anyways, I don't have much to discuss on the diet front like I mentioned before, but I HAVE been focusing on food.  There for a bit, our fridge, pantry, walk-in pantry and deep freezer were out of control.  Food was just... everywhere and in no order and honestly, I think we were losing or skipping over things because it was so hard to even see what we had.  So, we made the decision over the last couple of weeks to stop buying so much at the store except for the fresh stuff and start eating some of the food that we had stored up.  That way instead of continuing to stock and stock and running the possibility of either rebuying the same things or things going bad, we are clearing out.  As a result, we are FINALLY making a dent in our deep freezer.  Which we really need to do since it is starting to get some yucky ice build up.  Which I can't take care of with it full!  There for a bit, it was hard as crap to get anything in our out of it.  Now, there is actually a bit of space!  I hope we can continue this trend of eating what we have along with fresh fruits and veg and cleaning out.  I like having a stock and getting good deals, but not when you've gotten to the point where you have more of a mess than anything else.  I won't skip on amazing deals, but I am sure taking the time to really think over my food purchases more.  I also re-arranged and majorly cleaned both pantries.  Oh yes, it is good.  VERY good.  Especially where I store my spices!  Yessir.  HAPPY HAPPY!

Other than that, not much going on.  I'm just relieved to have that done!  LOL  No other projects have really been knocked out, but for whatever reason, this 7 day for us just wasn't very productive on that front.  But oh well.  It is fine. 

Well, I guess I won't ramble on and on.  Hope everyone had a decent Monday since I know so many people hate them!  lol

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