Sunday, July 21, 2013

Busy... and annoying.

Today has been a pretty darn productive and busy day.  I didn't get projects done like I had wanted, but I did knock out a whole lot of stuff.  You know, the stuff you have to do every week like fold up laundry... and put it away.  Straighten toys... and put them away.  Do yard stuff... and put that away.  Wash dishes... put them away.  UGH.  Annoying.  But at least some things got done.  I just wish that I had gotten at least one actual project done.  But I guess I will just have to be glad that the house is in good shape now.  After vacay and the craziness since we've been home the laundry was still behind.  Caught up now!  Then after cooking like crazy over the last couple of days so as to not have much food waste, all of the dishes/pots/pans were getting piled all up.  Done!  Yard was getting high from all of the rain.  Done!  Upstairs is good and picked up and even ran the vacuum quickly.  All of the bedrooms are even in decent shape... except for my oldest's room and he is going to be in serious trouble if he doesn't clean it soon.  And by soon, I mean tomorrow.  I've been patient so it better be done soon.  No joke.  It's about to get real up in here!  Seriously.  I will take ALL of his toys.  ALL!

The most annoying part of the day has been 2 parts.  1) My husband's family once again thought it would be a good idea to come to town and tell no one.  Imagine that.  It's like we don't exist.  Oh wait!  To them, we don't.  2) We agreed to go on this friends with families get together in September in Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge TN. After checking out the places the coordinator had mentioned, I flat out said I didn't want to do the one place because one of the rooms is bunks.  There are 5 couples going so we need 5 real rooms.  I would rather pay just $25 ($5/couple) to have 5 real rooms.  But they wanted to save a few bucks and got the one I didn't want.  Then had the NERVE to say that since we have two boys, we get the bunks room.  Uhhh.  NO.  I am really, REALLY irritated and may end up canceling because this is just stupid.  She then tried to say that she didn't know we would have an issue with it.  Uhhh.... did you ignore the two texts where I said I didn't like that one AND the email or what?  Grrr!  This is exactly why we don't do this crap.

Overall, an okay day but I feel like life is less than right now.  I'm happy with my everyday life, and I am grateful.  And THAT is what I keep trying to remind myself.  These little blips aren't what make a life and they aren't what I will recall at the end of the road.  It's my family and real friends that will be in my heart and mind. 

As for the food and exercise front... still nada.  Just have NO drive.  I want to maintain and eventually move forward.  But for now, just enjoying life is good.  :)  I know I haven't quit, just taken a little detour.  Sometimes, detours are more fun than the actual journey!  ;)

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