Tuesday, August 27, 2013

2 Crepes short

2 crepes w/cream filling -- 356
strawberries --  15
SF syrup -- 30
Coffee with S&CM -- 30
Breakfast Total:  431
Crap.  Hubby forgot to write all of it down for me so I will have to get that from him!

2 servings of dried mandarins -- 200
water -- 0
Snack total:  200

roasted chicken -- 70
salad -- 15
sprinkle of cheese --55
BV dressing -- 15
Lunch Total:  155

1 serving garden vegetable couscous -- 170
garlic chicken (1/2 small breast) --  70
mixed veggies (squash, zucchini, squash) saute with oil -- 65
Dinner Total:  305

1.5 brownies -- 315
Dessert Total:  315

Today's Total:  1406
And this is what I remember.  I remember being busy and not eating much during the day.  I remember plating a good sized dinner but not finishing the chicken.  I remember a big fat brownie.  But I also remember I forgot to get numbers for the crepes!  I will get those and come back and add it in.  I just wish I could remember lunch better.  I can't remember it for crap!  I know I made a cup of coffee at one point but never drank it.  UGH.  I hope I didn't eat anything I don't remember.  Guess I will ask hubby to see if he remembers cause honestly, I think that was it!  :O

EEK!  Started to get behind so I had to run on here and start at it only to realize I didn't post my drafts!  YIKES!  Oh well, getting caught up NOW.  I almost put it off and then said NO.  I NEED to do this -- it HELPS me.  Even if I don't remember every detail, I will STILL write what I can and do better for the next one.  And speaking of that, I need to do the next one.... NOW!  I will update this one tomorrow to make sure I have my numbers right.  :)

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