Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Slacking... sort of

1 brownie -- 210
Coffee with 3 SNL and 4 CM -- 40
Breakfast Total:  250

2 eggs with cheese -- 135
1 slice of toast with butter -- 75
1 slice of toast with butter and jelly -- 95
3 slices of bacon -- 90
Coffee with 1 SNL and 2CM -- 20
Lunch Total:  415

1 brownie -- 210
Coffee with 2 SNL and  2CM -- 20
Snack Total:  230

3/4 whiskey river BBQ burger -- 1056
fries -- 444
16oz. blue moon -- 246
Dinner Total:  1746

Today's Total:   2641
UGH.  Bad day with bad choices.  :/  Really hoping my cals were low yesterday and I can stay pretty low tomorrow.  If not, bugger!

I started to slack off and not post since I got behind by not posting yesterday.  But then I was like, NO, I'm doing this.  I'm doing this and I'm going to make sure I continue to do this even if it wasn't what I wanted to see.  Because it's what works and will continue to work as long as I do it.  So, there it is.  Yesterday's and today's!  I just forgot to post the previous one.  Oops!  So, you're getting like, 3 posts all at once!  And yes, I know I made bad quality food choices today.  BAD BAD BAD.  But tomorrow is a new day and I will do better.  Speaking of... I haven't worked out in a few days.  Think I will knock that out and be right back.  Well, back in like 20 cause I'm only going to do the Pilates/plyo part.  Hopefully cardio tomorrow.  And cleaning.  YAY.  bleh.  All righty.  All done!  Feels like I got done faster tonight even though I went a bit higher on reps.  I only did one round.  I hope to be at 2 rounds eventually.  I guess we will see.  :)

Overall, the last few days have felt like they are getting better and better.  Checked my weight and I am still around 185 to 185.5ish.  :(  Sorta sucky.  But it is what it is.  Plus... should start any day now.  I know I dread it some, but I am so glad to be somewhat regular now.  I know I've said that before, but I truly mean it.  AND, I've felt more 'on' this week.  More into getting things done, more into eating better, more into making exercise work.  Like I just did.  I know it's late but it's only 15 to 20mins. and really, I sleep and feel better knowing I did it.  That with the 20 to 30mins. on the bike adds up!  I know I don't go hard core, but I do SOMETHING and that is making a difference all the way around.  Maybe I am getting over my slump... one can only hope!  lol

Ok ok.  Not going to drag on and on.  Instead, I'm going to look up a couple more things and then attempt to sleep.  I haven't been sleeping great so... here's to hoping it's better!  I'm sure a LARGE part of it is that my allergies have been kicking my booty.  YUCK. 

Oh!  On another note, thanks to Lucky Winner, I wanted to add that I have updated not only on here, but my other pages as well.  I have new goals, added weights (and may add more), and may even take my measurements soon.  All in all, I feel a groove coming on!  HA!  Ok, maybe not a groove, but at least I'm trying to swing around a bit!  ;)

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