Tuesday, August 27, 2013


small bowl of cinnamon toast crunch -- 130
coffee with 3tsps. CM and 2 sweeteners -- 30
5 figs --148
drizzle of honey -- 30
Breakfast Total:  338

12 tortilla chips -- 168
2tbsp. hummus -- 160
21 cherries -- 90
Diet tea -- 5
Lunch Total:  423

2c. Annie's popcorn -- 140
dried fruit -- 100
Snack Total:  240
I didn't eat a full serving of the fruit, but I nibbled a couple of things to try so thought it better to round way up.

2 slices of Kirkland pizza -- 555
Dinner Total:  555

1 reg. cone -- 20
1/2 serving froyo -- 90
Dessert Total:  110

Today's Total:  1666 ( before dinner)
 I'll take it!

Heh.  Decided the way to fix the creamer issue was to simply find an unused teaspoon measuring spoon and just leave it in there.  3 level scoops is PERFECT.  Yes, it's 30 cals, but I'm thinking that depending on my mood I will go back and forth between it and black.  Just gotta make sure to put it in my cal count.  I'm realizing that I gotta do it.  I don't want to be a butt, but I gotta do it.  I don't know if I will ever get to the point where I don't do some sort of tracking.  AND, I'm coming to the conclusion that that is O.K.  I'm sure I will go through spells like this Summer where I'm not as diligent, but that too is going to be ok.  It's not about being perfect every single day, it's about being BETTER OVERALL.  I spent too many years being all or nothing and then going way overboard when I 'fell off of the wagon'.  Maybe that's what the last few weeks have been about.  Reminding me that I can do good without being perfect.  Because overall, my weight only went up about 5lbs.  And when you're eating more junk, that is pretty normal.  I guess we will see where I am at next week some time or another.  Wait... I should start my cycle soon.  So... not sure if I will want to weigh in!  Hmm.. that may be part of the weight, too.  Although, I don't really think so.  It's been there and hasn't really gone up or down.

Anyways, got in another workout yesterday.  It was the full Pilates/Plyo drill and some cardio on the bike.  I'm really hoping the exercise will not only help my loss and get me into shape.  I feel like I'm losing my curves and getting bumpy.  Gotta nip it in the bud.  :)

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