Sunday, August 25, 2013

Another one!

1 blueberry bagel -- 260
2tbsp. pb -- 190
drizzle of honey -- 15
coffee with CM and sweeteners -- 40
Breakfast total:  505

roasted chicken -- 140
2 glasses of green smoothie -- 200
Lunch Total:  340

1 crumb cake -- 180
few slices of apple --  25
coffee (CM&S)-- 10
Snack Total:  215

baked potato -- 110
butter 1tbsp. -- 50
sprinkle of cheese -- 55
roasted chicken -- 140
Diet tea -- 10
Dinner Total:  365

4.5oz apple -- 66
1.5oz sharp cheddar -- 165
Dessert Total: 231

Today's Total:   1656
Pretty happy with that.  But I could probably do better!

Yes!  Two days and two blogs!  Don't die of shock!  LOL  Yesterday, although not planned, was a darn good busy day.  I got laundry sorted and started and a whole bunch of other random stuff.  Although, I did NOT dust.  Going to try to remember to get that done today.  :)  If not, meh.  As you can see from the previous post, food was darn good and cals were pretty spot on.  I did have a couple of grapes and 3 apple slices that weren't on there, but nothing else.  It was literally like 4 grapes.  And I don't think 3 slices out of a whole apple is much.  Especially since they are small slices for kids.  :)  I did actually measure quite a bit yesterday.  Baby steps!

But currently what is on my mind is that I am really interested in getting a Vitamix.  As I've said before, I'm a FAN of smoothies and shakes.  BIG FAN!  And my only beef with my current blender is that I cannot do anything rougher than spinach and I can't use the whole fruit.  And I LOVE a citrus twange to my smoothies, but I can't do that now since I would have to just add the juice and it's not worth the tons of calories most OJ has.  AND, I feel like juicers are pointless since you don't get any of the fiber or other vitamins and minerals from the skins and etc.  So, I'm drooling over a Vitamix.  They had them on demonstration at Costco and I am in LOVE.  So is the hubbs.  He loved that we could make soup and ice cream in there.  We have an ice cream maker, actually, that we make pretty darn good ice creams in, but that thing is huge, awkward, and hard to clean.  So.. we got to thinking of all the things that we could do with one and things we could get rid of.  The ice cream maker would be one of the things to go and we would get back valuable cabinet space!  That makes a total of two things when you count the blender and it's two containers.  So... 3?  Anyways.  Another thing we thought of is that it would cut down on our waste since we would no longer have to throw anything out like apple peels or strawberry tops.  We could just throw them in our smoothies each day!  AND we'd be getting in more fruits and veggies.  Then we realized that we'd probably eat home more since we could make our own stuff with less mess and clean-up.  Next was the fact that we could grind things so our current coffee grinder could go if we didn't want to keep it.  I probably would keep it, but still.  If we HAD to have the space back, it could go.  But it's small and I don't mind keeping it.  It's actually smaller than our can opener.  LOL  Which I am ALSO thinking of replacing!  I found an AMCO one that come either in hand crank (with a handle that turns, NOT a nob!) or wall mount.  The wall mount is called a swing-a-way.  Look it up on Amazon.  AMAZING!  Anyways, then I got to thinking of the fact of how when I currently make soup, I have to go through this entire long process on the stove and then try to pour it into the blender in batches and pour it back... the Vitamix actually COOKS so I could just put it in there and not have to go through that whole mess!  It would just be useful for us.  I can see for a lot of people how it would be overkill.  But if you like to eat healthy, eat at home, and enjoy cooking, it's a fab appliance.  And did I mention you can use the pulse function on these to chop veggies and stuff if need be?  I don't have a food processor (never have) but it seems to be a nice thing to have once in a while.  I bet I could make refried beans in there, too instead of having to hand mash!  And probably potatoes!  Geez... I keep thinking of more.  lol  I just really want one and think we would use it quite a bit.  I've used my stand mixer much more than anyone thought I would.  I wish it could sit out all of the time, but there just isn't space for it.  If I ever get my little side island built, that is where it shall go!  So, I tend to use stuff that other people might think I wouldn't.

You see where my brain is?  Always on food and convenience.  I think that is why I could never be vegan.  I'm just not diligent enough.  HA!  And I thank the good Lord I don't have any major food allergies.  I'm intolerant to lactose but that is about it.  It can be a problem, but only if I have too much.  I try to avoid that like the plague.  But I do think it is why I typically prefer fruit over veg -- too much prep in many cases.  I am, however, finding ways around that and making it faster and easier.  :)

Oh, and I wanted to mention the CM (Coffee Mate).  I bought some at Costco to try for every now and again because sometimes I want a coffee but not black.  I've been using it but it's very hard to measure without breaking out the scale.  So, I'm thinking from what I have measured, it's been more than I thought so yesterday's cals may have been 20 higher.  That makes me think maybe I should leave the creamer for when I am only drinking coffee and have it black with food.  I only drink two cups a day, but if that cup of coffee is 40cals... 3 of them add up!  Just something to think on after playing with the measurements. 

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