Wednesday, August 28, 2013


1 mini brown sugar bagel -- 120
1tbsp. pb -- 95
drizzle of honey -- 15
1 apple (5oz) -- 74
coffee with 3SNL and 4CM -- 40
Breakfast Total: 344

1/2 order kids fry -- 110
grilled cheese -- 410
diet mango slush -- 0
Lunch Total: 520

snack mix with extra mandarins -- 300
apple cinnamon bar -- 120
coffee with 3SNL and 4CM -- 40
Snack Total: 460

pasta w/sauce --150
3 cheese sticks -- 330
Dinner Total:  480

Today's Total:  1804

I guess there is a good reason I was 185.5 yesterday -- I started my cycle really early this morning.  As in, made a mess.  I usually have warning, but there wasn't any this time.  First time in FOREVER.  UGH.  But, it's fine.  All cleaned up and running now.  Although, I may need more coffee.  HA!  But it does make me feel a bit better about the higher number.  I had been seeing 183 to 183.5.  I was accepting the 185.5, but it's nice that at least now I am pretty sure why.  I guess I will weigh-in on 9/3.  That gives me almost a week for my cycle and a couple of days after.  I hope.  I hope this time isn't 5 or 6 days.  It's such a pain when TOM is that long!  I just hope to get through today and tomorrow.  Those are usually the worst days.  I just hope that I can also get a few things done around the house.  I have been slow to get moving this morning.  Even slow to blog and it is now lunch time.  But as I've said before, morning is never my productive time.  What is holding me back now is deciding what to do in youngest's room.  He wants a desk like his bro.  I found one for $30 at a thrift store that is solid wood.  My Mom thought there was not enough room, but when I explained it to hubby, he sounded interested.  So, I am trying to decide if I should go and do it or not.  I mean, it's solid wood and only $30 so even if it doesn't work out, we could easily sell it, I think.

Anyways, not sure what else I will do today.  I should probably get another workout in if possible and who knows what else.  I'm tired, but it's such a nice day, I know I need to be productive and get stuff done.  The question I am facing is do I focus on housework or do the minimum and work on a project?  LOL  Decisions decisions decisions.  :)

PHEW!  Finally back home!  Boy was it a LONG day.  A long day of not so great food choices but of helping out a friend and some good shopping.  You see, my friend was out running errands and accidentally locked herself out of the car.  Thankfully, I was able to come and help her.  I ended up staying with her because she was frazzled and tired.  But we managed to laugh through most of it and turn a crazy day into a fun and productive day.  Even if it wasn't productive at home, it was while we were out!  AND, I managed to get a desk and a bed for my youngest for only $75!  WOOT!  It's not new or perfect, but it's perfect for him since he is SO rough on furniture.  If only a year or two is had, it's worth it!  I did, however, tear a tiny hole in the headliner of my Flex.  :(  I plan to make it up to her soon with a good wash and wax and a super good vacuum and wipe down.  I knew it would happen eventually.  We love it and use it too much for it to never get any wear.  Just the way it goes.

Anyways, as a result I was out and about a lot and ate trail mix AND fast food.  I don't think that it was as bad as I posted, but I rounded it up and am skipping dessert tonight.  Better safe than sorry.  And tomorrow will be another day.  :)  At least I was super busy walking around and moving furniture so I got some extra burn in there!  HA!

I went back and added in the crepes!  :D

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