Thursday, August 29, 2013

Want vs. Feel

1 blueberry bagel -- 260
2tbsp. pb -- 190
drizzle of honey -- 30
coffee w/ 3SNL and 4cm -- 40
Breakfast Total: 520

blueberry muffins -- 180
coffee w/2snl and 2cm -- 20
Snack Total:  200

10 flax grain chips -- 140
2.25oz. cheddar cheese -- 247
2 clementines -- 70
half of an apple -- 40
water -- 0
Lunch Total:  497

4oz. pork chop -- 225
asparagus -- 50
small baked potato -- 88
1tbsp. butter -- 50
water -- 0
Dinner Total: 413

1 cake cone -- 20
1/2 c. vanilla fudge swirl froyo -- 90
Dessert Total:  110

Today's Total:  1740

I am TRYING to talk myself into going downstairs and working out.  But so far, my body isn't into it.  After yesterday's stress and then getting up and running errands in the heat, my body feels BEAT.  I WANT to work out, but my body is saying, NO F'N WAY.  Maybe I should go to bed early?  I mean, it's just after 11 and I am so so so tired.  And it's not like I HAVE to work out tonight.  I have to workout at some point, but it can be tomorrow.  But I want to get in something tonight... just afraid I will feel awful if I do.  :/  That, or I will get a huge adrenaline rush and not be able to sleep.  hmmm....

Overall I would say I did ok today.  Higher than I wanted.  I really do prefer to stay between 1550 and 1650.  Ideally, 1550 to 1600.  But breakfast screwed me up.  If I had more time, I would've had my new fave breakfast of a mini bagel and apple.  YUM.  It gives me the taste and feel of the full sized bagel with way less cals!  I would've been under 1600 if I had that.  :/  BUT, you live and learn.  I should've done better with lunch, but I was craving fruit SO BAD.  Probably because I was dehydrated.  It is SO humid here right now that just walking makes you sweat buckets!  Imagine unloading kids, loading kids and tons of Costco stuff.  Then stopping to sort and unload at one house then come to my house and do it?  I had a friend with me, but she has a really young baby so I did most of it.  But she is so awesome, she did get my kiddo strapped in for me!  But by the time I got home and inside, I was soaked.  I felt really drained and hungry and well... yeah.  I guess I need to find something that is lower on the calorie scale on days like that.  I probably should've just eaten the mini bagel and took the whole apple!  I just hate doing that out in public.  I'm not sure why. 

On another note, I got the desk cleaned and moved into youngest's room.  It took a bit of creative maneuvering, though.  I had to take a few things out, clean, then move things and put the desk in.  But I love it!  I don't know how, but having more furniture in there actually makes it seem bigger.  And he LOVES it!  I even got his closet cleaned out and organized and the new toy bin moved in.  I tried to be super productive.  :)  But I was tired.  I also got some laundry done, but not much.  I DO have to go down in one second and switch that around.  That or do it first thing in the AM.  LOL 

I'm leaning more towards going to bed.  I am tired.  Tomorrow starts the weekend.  NO idea what we are doing or anything.  So.. maybe I should go watch a movie and chillax.  I've been digging these movies made from British authors like 'Mansfield Park'.  I understand the love of modern romance -- it's hot, steamy, and exciting.  But there is something to be said for the older period pieces and their subtle romances.  And I honestly NEVER thought I would feel that way.  Maybe it is a part of growing up.  :)

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