Friday, August 30, 2013

Killing Me

1 mini bagel -- 120
1tbsp. pb -- 95
drizzle of honey -- 15
1 apple -- 74
coffee with 3snl and 4cm -- 40
Breakfast Total: 344

2 servings honey bunches of oats -- 260
1 c. almond milk (plain) -- 40
coffee with 2snl and 2cm -- 20
Snack Total:

pasta -- 310
1/2 spaghetti sauce -- 40
parm cheese -- 20
water -- 0
Lunch Total:  370

2 slices kirkland pizza -- 555
1 cider -- 210
Dinner Total:  765

1.5 servings kettle corn -- 210
dried mandarins -- 100
water -- 0
Dessert Total: 260

Today's Total:  2049

My head is killing me.  This is like, 3 or 4 days in a row I have gotten up and almost felt worse than I did before bed.  :/  Not sure what is up with that, but I am OVER it.  I HATE feeling that way!  It makes my day slow to get going and I feel like I am DRAGGING.  Cause I am.  It's after 1 and I have yet to move off of the couch.  I feel a bit queasy when I do thanks to this.  I am convinced it is sinus and allergy -- no other reason for it.  And of course I just discovered that we have some family in town.  I sure hope they don't come to our house -- cause my house is dirty and nasty.  I had hoped to knock out a big chunk today since only the bare minimum has been done lately, but so far it hasn't happened.  I just hurt.  :/  I know I've got to get up and get going soon, though.  Mostly because I don't want to sit around and just wait for it to get worse.  I'm hoping the meds I just took will kick in and get going and I can get a few things done.  I can't keep going like this.  I really do hate this time of year.

I feel so muddled I don't even know what I want to get done today even if I get to feeling decent.  I know I want to get a workout in.  I know I have to do some laundry.  I know that the entire house needs a good pick up.  *sigh*  It's never ending and I know I can't get it all done today.  So, what do I do?  UGH UGH UGH.  I feel too mushy to get my head together.  I think I am going to go for a bit and just be and see if I can get my head in line.

It was a productive day on the house front and I got a LOT done.  But my head has continued to pound and throb and I feel really yucky.  I need to do the treadmill, still.  I'm going to go do that in a minute, head be damned!  I went over on cals, again, but I'm hoping that I rounded up more than I needed to.  I didn't measure everything today.  I was just so tired, busy, and HUNGRY.  I just tried to focus on getting good foods in and no junk.  I'd say the only sorta junky thing was the popcorn, but even that wasn't bad.  So, I don't really feel bad.  Dinner wasn't great, I know.  But bleh.  Once in a while a beer/cider is good.  And it was SO GOOD!  LOL  But it did give me cals I didn't need.  :/  Ok, not going to sit and go on and on.  Going to go down and ride.  :)

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