Tuesday, October 29, 2013


I decided to do a random weigh-in even though I have my period.  I expected to get on there and see the same ol' 180 or 180.5 or maybe higher since, well, I have my cycle.  But shockingly, I saw the amazing 179!  WOOT!  So happy to see that!  I've finally made it back into the 170's!  I'm super happy to see that.  I was working towards it, but was worried it would be long coming since I had wasted around 6 weeks trying the MFP method.  Well, I shouldn't say wasted because it wasn't wasted.  It was a more relaxed time so I enjoyed that, but I didn't enjoy not seeing the scale move.  But I DID learn that the cals they gave me were too high.  Other factors may have played in that I just didn't see, but at least I gave it a good go and just kept tweaking and now I seem to be on a better path.  I'm actually excited that I got to mark that 179 off of my 'Goals' list!  It was actually 179.5, so that puts me at 2.5lbs. to my next goal of 176.5.  No idea how long it will take me to get there, but I'm just happy to finally be moving in the right direction.  I was getting really discouraged before seeing the same number every single time.  So, this is nice.  I hope it continues for a few months.  Winter is the hardest time for me to stay positive.  I do well losing during this time if I really think about it.  We just don't have as much going on to keep me distracted.  Yes, we have the holidays and all that, but for some reason that feels easier because it's one or two days instead of one long Summer party!  Cause in the Summer we want to grill, hang with friends, go on vacay, etc.  And somehow, that translates to me just maintaining.  I am hoping that I can just keep on with what I am doing right now and keep moving down.

Did I mention in previous posts about SL 5x5?  Stronglifts 5x5?  I was going to start the program now, but have decided to wait until I not only get my back in a better place, but until I get my weight down some more.  Just thought I would say that in case I forgot.  And when I do start, I'm going to start modified.  Just easier for me that way for long term.

Hmm... don't think I have much else to talk about today.  I was just so darn excited about that 179 that I felt I had to post.  For now, I think I am going to jump off of here, eat a little something, finish my book and then run to exchange my hair color.  My reunion is coming this weekend and I need to touch up the ol' roots.  I may change the color later, but for now I'm sticking with what I have.  Later, I have MOUNTAINS of laundry to fold and put away since with the great flea battle of 2013 I've been washing stuff non-stop.  I don't think I'm going to put any of the blankets or whatevers back out until we are sure that they are under control.  Just too much to wash and vacuum non-stop.  I think I will clean them all and then put them up and away.  I may re-organize my utility closet today just for that.  I sorta wish I had a couple more shelves in there or something.  Same with under my kitchen sink.  Too much stuff, not enough space.  But I am going to see if I can arrange it any better and eek out some space.  It would really help if the downstairs bath was done simply because if it was, several of the towels and things that we store upstairs for now would be down there.  Maybe I should just make a couple of totes and store those items in the garage and then I'd have the space even though the other bathroom isn't finished.  That seems like a good plan... Anyways, off I go.

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