Monday, November 4, 2013

Still there!

**ETA:  I forgot to hit 'Publish' on this on Saturday but here it is anyways! 

Still 179 as of this AM so it wasn't a fluke!  YAHOO!  Happy Happy Happy!  :D

Right now, I'm sitting here watching my silly neighbors rake and mow their yards to take care of the leaves.  *sigh*  What a waste of time!  #1, it's been so cool the grass hasn't grown, so why run the mower?  Why to mulch leaves!  #2, raking leaves into HUGE piles up against their trees.  Why does this irk me?  There are still tons of leaves on the trees.  Mulching every couple of days is doing nothing but wasting grass and killing your dormant grass.  And then sweeping it up against the trees is a BAD idea!  It's a safe haven for BUGS and can actually damage the tree.  Plus, the point of leaves is to protect the ground in the Winter!  No one can figure out why we do so little to our yard and yet it looks good.  Duh -- we don't over do the yard!  These people are so weird.  These are the same people who waste hours a day doing this mess.  No thanks -- I got other crap to do!  Like, yesterday I need to laugh at my kids while we played with the dog.  I needed to snuggle my youngest after his bath.  And we HAD to watch Scooby Doo!  ;)  Yeah, I'm all kinds of busy that does not include made up yard work.  LOL

Anyways, I knocked out a huge chunk of the laundry yesterday and made it to the Chiro.  However, my back is still killing me and I'm not sure what to do.  I plan on going again today since it's the last day I can go this week, but I have no clue if I will even get relief.  But I'll still go.  Hubby isn't feeling great and is back in bed.  Today isn't a busy day really since it's Friday.  I do need to do some more laundry, decide on my clothing for the Reunion tomorrow, and clip the cat's nails before they drive me bonkers.  I have never wanted to declaw a cat, but I swear if this one doesn't stop it, I'm having her declawed!  The other two in the house are fine, but she insists on clawing everything no matter how much we spray her or 'pssst!' at her.  She just keep son.  And my furniture is worse for wear for it.  Granted, none of it except the couch were expensive, but I would like to keep them looking decent.  And even the couch is now at least 9yrs. old.  We bought it new from Lazy Boy before oldest was born.  And it looks ok, but not great.  Two moves, two kids, and animals have been sorta rough on it.  I am thinking when we get ready to move, we will either sell it cheap or donate it.  By then, hopefully the animal situation will be better under control and the kiddos will be a bit older.  Then again, we may not move for a while.  I don't want to get ahead of myself.  It's in God's hands.  So, if we don't we will play it by ear.

Speaking of animals, that's the dilemma we are in now.  Due to the lack of Rescue's and people throwing out animals, we are now at 4 cats.  We already had one so we've gained 3.  Then we have the 2 dogs.  That puts us at 6 pets.  SIX!  That's two too many.  We know that something has to give.  I just don't think we can keep all of these cats.  But the issue is that there are so many out there right now, no one is taking them.  So... we are somewhat out of options.  Right now they are all vetted and ready for spaying and neutering.  Hope to get that done soon.  I'm not sure how we will get them re-homed.  I tried like crazy in the beginning but no one would take them.  I am now glad that we always have gotten our pets fixed.  Allowing them to reproduce at the pace that they do is just assigning them a death sentence.  I couldn't believe the numbers when they were put out from the shelter this year for euthanization.  With the economy in the toilet, too many pets have had to be given up.  So, I don't know what to do.  *sigh*

**ETA:  My cats go in next week for the great SNIP SNIP!

I never made progress on the hall closet.  I just can't seem to figure out what to do with it.  It's somewhat frustrating.  I'm still thinking on it, but for now I've just hit a standstill.  :/  I think the only real option is to move the items into storage that will eventually go downstairs and then add a couple of short shelves on the opposite of the laundry shoot.  That will give me space for the odds and ends plus cleaning supplies and then allow a few of the other odd items like blankets to go in there.  Right now, they were stored in a basket in the living room, but that isn't working with the flea situation.  I want to wash them and put them up.  I may end up using an empty bin in the bedroom.  There aren't many other options.  This house seriously lacks storage.  It's part of the reason why the first year we moved in I wish we had gone ahead with the extension that we had originally wanted.  It would've moved laundry up, given us an extra bathroom, and a bunch of storage.  The most expensive part would've been the plumbing, but the rest we could've done.  Well, other than having the foundation poured.  But all of the framing and electrical we could've done.  I even knew how to file for the permits.  At the time, we thought it better to do some other things.  I guess it was probably still the decision.  I just wish there was more storage.

Speaking of storing things, I've been going through my closet again and letting go of things.  Who knew your feet would shrink from weight loss?  Well, they did and I am having to let go of a few of my shoes.  :/  I hate too but I don't have much choice.  If they don't fit, they don't get worn and just take up space.  But I guess that means I now have room for more!  HA HA HA!  But even my bras aren't fitting right.  I'm in between a 36D and a 38D.  I have the 38D on the smallest hooks and they still are loose but the 36D is just a smidge snug on the largest hooks.  Grrr!  I am holding out for some more weight loss.  Then I will need new bras.

Goodness this blog is random.


  1. Storage is the #1 thing my mom made sure our house had when we moved to Taipei. She gutted a two story apartment building and poured over design details with the interior designer. We have a closet below our staircase just for additional storage. The problem with storage is my mom now finds herself with A LOT OF crap that hasn't been sorted through in years. She actually did a huge spring cleaning a few years ago throwing things away which I'm thankful she did. I accused her of being a hoarder HAHA

    Congratulations on getting to the 170s!!!!

  2. I'm at 125 as of Tuesday. I'm only 5'1.5 (a little less than 5'2). Some loose skin (in the stomach area, really obvious when I do a plank or yoga but relatively not noticeable when I'm upright) - wearing clothes helps.

    #s really do look different on everyone! I think people don't have an accurate view of weight either. A friend from HS thought I was close to 100 lbs which would be impossible..... considering my brother was 11 at the time and 105 really?

    Asian women have this view that they have to be below 110 lbs so it's really different when you travel to Asia ...the size perception and how much people think you should weigh. I remember telling my mom I weighed 60 kg and that was unfathomable to her because everyone aims to be in the 40s kg..50 at most. Crazy right? The skinny-zero muscle look is very "in" in Asia.


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