Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Well, today was the day that I got on the scale and the result is... 182.  I'm pretty sure that is what I weighed on Sept. 1st.  Ok, just went over my charts and I weighed 182.5 on Sept. 1.  A big whopping half a pound in a month.  :/  I was afraid of this.  And I'm trying REALLY hard not to be annoyed, but I feel annoyed none-the-less.  I just sorta feel like I've lost a month.  *sigh*  Such is the life of someone who is trying to lose weight.  At least I gave it a good go and I've found an easier way to track.  And now that I've been there a month, it should be a bit easier still since I don't have to spend as much time double checking their cals against the packaging or other sites.  I did it because it seemed like within the first few days I found several discrepancies.  So after that, I went through and checked it all and even made some changes to the database.  Too bad there isn't a way to go through and delete multiple items in the database once one has been proven correct and the others aren't or are duplicates.

Anyways, my point being is I followed their plan and I didn't really lose.  I posted all of the numbers just a day or so ago and I followed along with it over the last couple of days.  The only day I didn't post was the day I was sick.  Although, I'm thinking of going back and adding that in even though the time has passed.  I know exactly what I had.  But I guess now it doesn't matter.  It was one day.  And being sick and whatnot, it was just overall an off day.  But for the rest of the time, I ate on plan, I worked out, and at the end of the month I averaged a net of under 1800 for the entire time and worked out on average 2.5 times per week.  So, I am moving ahead with my plan to continue to stay under 1800, but to not eat back my exercise calories.  And to have more planned exercise on top of just moving more in general.  Slacking today already!  HA!  But really, I'm going to TRY to give this a full 2 weeks and see where I go and then go from there.  I would really rather be seeing a steady loss of half a pound to a pound a week.  But I didn't even lose the half a pound with the current settings that it said I would.  So, we will see. 

Trying to figure all of this out is such a pain!  I read soooooo much conflicting stuff that it's hard to know what is what at times.  And right now, I'm just feeling frustrated.  Mostly with myself that at 33 I still don't have this figured out.  I probably should've tried harder sooner.  But then again, even the damn government can't get their shit together on what is healthy and what is not, so how is some poor regular person suppose to do to figure it out?  Testing.  I guess I'm my own guinea pig right now.  I refuse to give up.  I saw 176.5 at one point and I will get there again.  I just hope it is some time this year.  I would really like to end the year in the 160's, but I just don't know if I will make it.  I went from a feeling of a high yesterday to feeling.... mediocre at best.  But it is what it is.  Ok.  Off to get some house stuff done so that later I can workout without guilt.  LOL

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  1. It is hard teaching this stuff to ourselves. Ideally, we would have been born to parents who taught us proper balance with eating since birth. Obviously, we weren't that lucky, so we have to figure it out on our own!
    You ARE getting there, and your weight went down- not up. It's frustrating, but focus on that fact that you still dropped half a pound. You didn't gain.


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