Monday, January 20, 2014

Another Day

It's Monday and another day.  Kiddos are out for the holiday, but so far they are just downstairs and hanging out.  Not too bad.  I plan on getting up here momentarily and getting myself into gear.  I've had some coffee, I've checked the FB and my bloggies here.  All I have left is this and to check email.  I'm feeling better today than I have in a few days.  Not sure if it was the blogging or what, but I'm feeling a bit more in my normal realm.  I think it also helped talking to hubby about moving, the budget and all that last night.  I'm trying to focus on the things I have some control on and doing some research rather than focusing on the things I don't have much control over.  The move, really, the job and the move, is what I'm trying NOT to focus too much on.  That's more Michael's area and really... I don't want to focus too much on it.  I feel that God will point us in the right direction and put us where we are suppose to be.  But talking about the things I do have some control over is what I think may have helped.  Having a rough idea and plan in place helps me to feel more in control and less stressed.  We also talked about the worst case and best case scenario.  Worst case being that something happens and we don't pay off the 13k we want to.  11k (or more) being paid off in 6mos. being the best.  I hope to tackle 1/4 of that this month.  We have money set aside to pay a big chunk right now that had been set aside for something else that we can't do.  That being closing our escrow.  Turns out the company that bought out our loan requires you have an escrow account.  But we have back ways of going around it like pre-paying.  But come to find out our big issue is really that our insurance jumped up like $400.  So, we are calling tomorrow to change companies.  I'm done dealing with that a-hole company.  We're going to call to talk to them and if they don't come up with some sort of solution to bring it back down, I'm done.  I'm also going to call to see if the escrow account has already paid to our land taxes.  If not, we plan on paying that.  If the bill is zero, then they can't up our escrow.  HEE HEE HEE.  Those two changes should keep our payment where we want it.  Even if we can only change the insurance. 

The other stuff like moving and finding another home has been interesting!  So far, I've looked at areas around Tampa like Odessa, Brandon, and Valrico.  Then I looked some in Tallahassee.  My next locations will be places in ATL and surrounding.  Then maybe some in NC and SC although that's not high on my list.  Then a few places in TX.  I don't think AL is going to be an option, but I may look there a bit for shits and giggles.  LOL  I'm not sure if anywhere out west is an option.  But I may look just to get an idea of what's there, cost of living, cost of housing, etc.  I do like my research.  LOL  But I sure loved the areas around Tampa...  I'm not a city girl, but I don't think I'm a country girl, either.  I'm some sort of mix.  I like some space but I don't want to be too far.  I like the nightlife but I also like being home.  I love people but also love being alone.  I'm a weird mix and I'm ok with that.  Hubby and I just have to find an area that meshes well.  Where we are now is an older part of town so the lots are big but we are still in a subdivision area.  BUT, shopping, restaurants, and fun stuff is right around the corner.  And then right down the road is downtown.  It's a good mix.  I hope to find that in our next place.  I know a lot of people had the 'burbs but I couldn't imagine living anywhere else for our current lifestyle.  I don't want to drive an hour from the country into 'town'.  I don't want to be in town all the time.  So, 'burbs it is.  LOL

Other than that... just hanging out.  But it's time to get up, get to work, and attempt to be productive.  The day is progressing without me!  Off I go.  ;)

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