Tuesday, January 21, 2014


I finally made a little dent in getting the house back in gear yesterday.  I didn't get everything in my pile done, but I knocked out a chunk.  Going to work on another chunk today and then hopefully I will be back on track to doing a little bit every day and it won't be such a huge and overwhelming mess.  Slowly but surely, getting order back is helping my brain to feel less stressed.  Yesterday, I got the foyer done, caught up the dishes (pots and pans) in the kitchen and got one have not only cleaned off (even behind and under things!), but the dish drainer done, too.  Oh!  And I took G's chair apart and cleaned it REALLY well.  Oldest's chair isn't too dirty so it will get a good wipedown today.  Although, lately, we've been sitting in the dining room. Today I want to finish the other part of the kitchen and go through the dining room area really well.  I may try to do a quick scrub on the bathroom.  It isn't horrid, so it shouldn't be too bad.  Then a vacuum run later if it isn't too late. 

Hubby will have a few days off coming up but it will feel like only 2 short days.  I do have errands to run, but I may wait and do those another day next week.  It's nothing major, so it could wait.  I'm not sure what he hopes to accomplish, so I'm just going to hope for getting instructions about our gas install and changing insurance.  LOL  Anything other than that will be cake.  Other than that, I hope to get the downstairs in order.  It isn't too bad, but some blankets/pillow cases should be washed, a good vacuum and dust, and maybe some toy pickup although that was mostly done the other night and it has stayed that way.  For which I am quite relieved.  But it's towards the bottom of my list.

I also need to start getting back into the habit of working on little projects.  Since before the holidays, I haven't worked on ANYTHING.  No paint, no caulk, none of my artsy stuff... it was all just pushed to the side, but now is the time to start getting it back in gear.  Especially on the caulk and touch-up paint part.  It doesn't take a long time, but is a task I have put off and it is time to get to it.  Especially in rooms we have considered done but still lack this finishing detail.  I know we are thinking of moving, but I would really like to finish these things up just for ourselves so we enjoy it while we are here.  Otherwise, I know it would need to be done for re-sale, anyways.  People are not joking that while you live somewhere you are constantly changing and doing whatever and it doesn't change until you are gone.  It's the truth.  Something always needs improving, updating, or something.  Never fails.  And in a house this age that had previously had no work, it needed a LOT.  And we have a few big projects left.  So, knocking out all of these little tasks will greatly help us.  Although... I have one project I am debating on re-doing.  It's the ceiling in the bathroom.  When I first did the little repair, I was quite happy with it.  But now... now I feel like it could be better and I am tempted to scrape it and try again.  Mom thinks it looks like it has water damage because it looks 'goopy'.  Well, it looks goopy because that textured ceiling stuff IS goopy.  LOL  But I used the repair kind in the pot and not the stuff in the can.  So... I'm thinking of scraping and using the stuff in the can.  There is also a spot in my master closet I've never been happy with from when we did it years ago.  And I'm trying to decide if it is worth the hassle of doing it in a closet and again... I'm leaning towards it.  Although in there, I think I would end up scraping down and then touching up the whole ceiling.  I'm still pondering.  The bathroom is done so I hate the idea of making a mess, but I also want it done right.  Ponder ponder...

I'm also pondering getting my real estate and contractor's license.  I'm interested in both because... I like both.  LOL  I've been looking up info.  I think it would help us when we go to sell this house and buy our next.  Plus... we already have some experience since we sold our last house ourselves.  It worked well.  And since we will more than likely buy another house that needs work, the contractor's license could be handy.  I know that it will vary state to state, but I could always re-test if we move out of state.  No biggie.  I guess I will think on it some more, read the requirements and costs plus timeline and then decide.

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