Tuesday, February 18, 2014


I need to go run some errands.  But.... I so don't want to.  I also need to do my bills and check book.  I don't mind that.  But the running around sounds like, well, running around.  UGH.  And since I am just starting to feel better, I dread the thought of getting something else.  Weenie-ish I know.  But I did get outside yesterday.  It was 63 here!  How do you go from snow on the ground to 63 just a few days later?  I won't complain -- we loved it!  The boys got out and played and I did a bit of yard clean up.  I threw some wood scraps away that were laying in the yard, got rid of a few empty things sitting around, moved some other things back to where they should be, had the kiddos find and put away all of their outside toys, re-potted or added dirt to all of my house plants, and even cleaned my dog run.  Nothing major, but enough to where the yard feels less junky.  While walking around, hubby and I made note of some areas that will need work.  Our fence being a major one.  Two of the poles are twisting hard and I think we are going to have to consider possibly hiring someone to dig the holes and then we will place new poles.  We currently have the tap and drill system which is ok, but it allows more movement than I care for.  You literally 'tap' these 4x4 steel things into the ground.   Aka, beat the crap out of them.  Then you put the 4x4 in that has been cut to the height you need.  You then bolt it in at the bottom.  This system is for ground that is really rocky or hard.  Ours is clay.  At the time, it worked fabulous but it's been 5yrs. and well... it's wobbly and a pain.  We also have a ditch to back-fill, brush to burn off, the garage door to level, and the front corner to fill in.  UGH.  So much to do.  And if we don't get it all done, then we don't.  We're just going to do our best.

Ok, I've just about talked myself into getting out of the house so I'm going to go and attempt to get dressed and all that jazz.  Here's to hoping I get there and back in one piece! 

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