Monday, February 17, 2014

Nothing Much

Nothing much is going on around these parts, so I thought that I would stop in to write a quick blog.  Which as everyone knows, probably means it will be crazy long.  LOL  First on the agenda, sorry I have been somewhat out of the loop.  It's been a crazy few weeks!  So much so that I just didn't feel like writing even when I had the time.  It was just so exhausting!  Fun, too.  lol 

I guess first things first is that we have been having insane weather.  We've had snow snow and more snow.  BUT, we were also sick.  First my oldest, then youngest, then hubby and then me.  I'm still doctoring the kiddos with meds, vitamins, fluids, and the humidifier.  But it was tough for them to not get to go out and enjoy the snow.  This is the first time in ages I remember getting a snow here like we did.  A whopping 7"!  This area very rarely has that kind of weather.  We usually get nothing or a light dusting.  So getting that much snow was crazy!  I wish we could've gone out to play, but with everyone sick, it just wasn't feasible.  It did come at a great time -- oldest had pink eye (viral).  He would've missed school anyways if it wasn't for the snow.  Great timing for us!  But then came the coughing and the snotting and sneezing... No one else has had the pink eye, thankfully, but all of the other stuff for sure.  Thankfully it seems like there was only one really bad day and then the rest you just aren't 100%.  I feel much better today!  And it seems nice out.  I may get the kiddos dressed to go outside since it is suppose to be pretty warm today.  For the rest of the week actually!  We won't do much, but I probably should try to pick up the yard a bit and get it in somewhat better order.  We only have vocab words and Valentine's to work on.  It's nice for the kiddos that they rescheduled since school was out.  Although, he's had attitude this AM, so if that keeps up not sure what we will be doing....

Anyways, I checked my weight the other night and fully clothed and at the end of the day, I was 180.5.  I'm guessing from where I haven't been able to get in my workouts, my water weight has dropped back off.  Which is sorta cool to see because it helps my brain to really process that the weight gain is only water and nothing real.  Although, I'm thinking I will go back to calorie counting and not just maintaining.  But I'm only going to count my food and not exercise.  More to track nutrients than anything.  Just because it's hard for me to see the progress if I'm not really tracking anything.  Which isn't really accurate because I can see progress in my lifts.  Going into week 4, I was still steadily moving up.  At least, I think it was week 4 (my notebook is downstairs).  But now I've lost a week.  UGH.  Hopefully I didn't lose progress.  I will probably repeat the last week and if that goes well just keep going from there.  It's not like I'm into the BIG numbers, yet anyways.

AARGH.  These kids are arguing and getting on my very last nerves.  I'm seriously about to explode over here!  You can really tell when we have been cooped up too long and when I've had no break.  Their bickering makes me angry and I feel like I'm going to explode.  I try to remind myself they are just kids and this is just part of it.  But when I've gone a LONG LONG LONG time without downtime, my fuse gets shorter and shorter.  This too shall pass.

Well, not much else to write about.  The weather and illness are really all that we've had going on.  Hopefully both will be clearing up soon and we can get back to doing the daily thing.  I like routine.

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  1. hey! :)
    It's always awesome to see your managing your weights! I think as long as you have your weights in mind, you'll be sure to lose it in no time! ^^


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