Sunday, February 23, 2014


I am STILL trying to get over being sick.  Right after my last cold, I went for a massage which was wonderful.  But laying on your face for nearly an hour is apparently a bad idea after you've had a serious cold.  Everything drained to my face.  I thought I was fine, but then later that night I got a serious headache.  I figured I was just so relaxed and tired, my body was craving rest.  So, we went to bed early.  But... I woke up feeling awful.  My face ACHED.  I got a sinus infection.  It feels much better today, but... we won't talk about the stuff that has come out of my head.  SO not pretty.  :/ 

Even with not feeling so hot, I've been trying to keep up on the house stuff.  I haven't really done any projects, though.  And I haven't been working out.  I know -- BAD.  But I have a hard time working out when sick so I don't.  But today I feel pretty good so I am thinking it would be a good day to work on a project or two.  I just don't know which ones.  I was thinking about working in the hallway.  It just needs caulk and paint.  I could work on caulking, then cut in the paint at the top.  Then maybe tomorrow go back and paint the trim I caulked.  I don't know... I want to take advantage of the nice weather, but my list of to do is so long...

Not much else has been going on, really.  Just getting through each day and trying to get our sleep worked out from being all messed up.  Between school being out for snow, illness, and everything else, we are WAY off.  Hubby and oldest were fine, but youngest and I were all off track.  Getting back is hard but today I got him up at 10.  I got up a bit earlier than that but catnapped and then got him up at 10.  Hope to work our way back to 9 again.  I don't mind sleeping in until around 9, but any time after 10 to me is just too late.  Feels like I lose half the day.  Like now, it's only noon and I'm just about ready to go instead of it being 1 or 2.  I am procrastinating a bit, but nothing major!  HA!  So, I guess I should go now.  Sorry the ol' blog is boring lately!

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