Thursday, March 6, 2014


I feel like I've become the absentee blogger.  I go weeks without blogging and then pop in all of a sudden for a mediocre, medium length blog and then I am off again to not be heard from for a few more weeks.  What's up with that?  I don't know.  Life maybe.  Lack of drive maybe.  Not sure.  But I guess that the whole point of this blog is to investigate those things, get answers, and move through them.  So maybe it is telling that I haven't been blogging and working through those things like I use to.  That or blogging has just lost it's appeal.  I tell ya, it's hard when you've lost a lot of blogs you use to follow and a lot of your followers have just dropped off.  I know it's silly, but I sorta miss knowing that someone is reading my ramblings!  Even if I'm boring.  lol

Anyways, what is going on you are probably wondering.  Well, not much.  I know I keep saying that but really, it hasn't been much.  Well, not much to talk about.  Between bad weather, illness, and then a twerked knee, we've been slow to get going.  We've been slow to do anything.  I've been working on getting the house back in good order over the last couple of days.  It was just so... behind.  And dishes STILL are.  It's like we can't get caught up on dishes even though it seems like we've been eating out a ton.  I guess with all of us home, even then we are burning through dishes.  I should've done more today, but between arguing with kids and trying to work on projects, I just didn't.  And well, it's after 11pm now and it just isn't going to happen.  I really should go shower... I just don't wanna.  I'm going to wait and do that tomorrow before I go run errands.  I think.  LOL  I may talk myself into it in a few.  But laundry is almost caught up, dog run is clean, fridge is cleaned out, floors are pretty clean and pets have been treated.  Lots of little things are done.  Which is why this afternoon I got out the paint and worked on THAT little project.  I managed to get the foyer walls and hall walls touched up.  Then in the hallway, I managed to get the cut in around the trim done.  WOOT!  Each step counts.  We also talked about a few projects to do for the future that we will do as we can.  Hubby worked on getting the gas line put in.  We are now ready for inspection!  Yes, I know Spring is coming but considering all of the things that have gone on, we are just glad to be getting it done so that we have it for next year or for resale.  People love their fireplaces!  And we do, too.  I'm hoping to get back into the groove of working on projects at least a few times a week.  I'm not looking forward to doing the kiddos rooms, really.  I will have to literally move furniture to the other side, clean the trim, and then paint, let dry, paint, let dry, and move furniture back.  It's my own fault for not doing it sooner but at the time, we just needed to get everyone settled.  So, now it is time to backtrack and 'get'er done'.  The living room won't be so bad except for where the entertainment wall is.  No idea how I'm going to move that out.  Maybe at a time when the hubby is home.  But since there is a lot of paint that needs to get done, that's what I want to get back to working on.  Hopefully this Spring isn't as volatile as the Winter has been and I get a lot of it knocked out.

Speaking of volatile, I was feeling that way for sure today.  My kiddos are grounded.  Yuppers.  They got all sorts of ugly and I'm sick to death of the ugliness.  Mostly their whole attitude about things like their games and whatnot.  Tonight, oldest had a meltdown over a game saying that his Dad should've done it.  I was like, done what?  Made the reactor thing and not just gave him the parts.  Oh boy did that set me off!  The hubby stayed up last night modding his game for him so that when he got up he would have the pieces to make some cool feature in his game.  Instead of being thankful for that, he complained that it should've been finished for him, too!  At that point, I told him he was being completely selfish and disrespectful.  He countered by grunting and trying to ignore me.  At that point, I said fine.  You are now grounded. I took his Kindle away and ALL electronics except for whatever is on the TV in the living room -- but he doesn't get to pick.  He has lost the TV in his room, the radio, and the 3DS.  Also, no Wii.  He did come and apologize, but I told him that just saying he was sorry this time won't fix it.  He's had this whole entitled attitude since Christmas and he needed to learn his lesson that things in life aren't free and easy and if you want something, you do the right things, you work for them, and then you take care of them and the people who helped you along the way; so he is still grounded.  I'm sick of the attitude and I'm going to tough it out -- grounding him is just as hard on me as it is him!  I swear it is!  But he needs this.  He needs to appreciate not just me, but his Dad and other people in general and not think that everything and everyone is all about HIM.  Youngest then proceeded to go and poop in his pants after I told him more than once to go potty.  So he, too, has now lost his Kindle and TV in his room.  He was doing great on the potty there for a while and now all of a sudden can't be bothered.  So, I told him if he wants to go back to acting like a baby, then no big boy toys.  We'll see how it goes.  I'm sticking to my guns.

And then on to sticking... I haven't stuck to the lifting.  :(  I promise, not by my own choice.  More by the choice of illness and injury.  The illness seemed to last forever since it was two back to back, pretty much.  Then right when I started feeling better, I somehow hurt my knee and could barely walk by the end of most days.  I kept having to sit and rest and make sure I laid and sat a certain way so not to irritate it.  It was a major letdown.  So, I basically didn't get a workout in for the month of February.  I did jump on the scale a few times and I've been between 175 and 182.  175 to 177 being the average and one day a high of 182.  Not losing but also not gaining.  I was cool with that until I saw a pic of me on FB.  That pic was when we were having fun at a birthday party.  I felt like I looked great.  Mom appropriate but still stylish.  But when I saw the pics....  UGH.  I just look so.... BIG.  I don't really FEEL all that big, but in the pic I still just look so fluffy.  :(  I know I'm not skinny, but I thought I would feel differently when I saw random pics.  I thought I wouldn't still feel like YUCK like I did 50lbs. ago.  I've seen other pics and thought I looked pretty good.  But in every single one of these, I hated it.  I don't want to focus on that being the reason to get back on the calorie train.  I knew my journey wasn't over and that this was a training time.  However, since that has gotten derailed I'm not sure where to go from here.  I'm not sure if I should just jump right back into weights or jump right back on cals or do some sort of mixture to offset the fact that I can't be super consistent.  I'm just... at a standstill and holding.  *sigh*

So, that is what is going on with me these days.  A whole lotta nada.  But I should still be blogging because sometimes, this is the only place where I seem to be able to get things out and think them through without having to drive family and friends nuts over the little details that sometimes get stuck in my head.  Like the kitchen design that I am working on for when we get to the kitchen in the next few weeks.  Oh boy!  I'm super excited about it but I need/want to make some tweaks but I'm driving myself insane over it.  LOL  I really do need to get to bed, though.  Going to be a long and tired day tomorrow with no sleep!  Guess it's good that my only plans were some laundry and the dentist along with chrio and maybe Costco.  Just not in that order.  Guess we will see what the day brings!!!

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  1. Whenever I see pictures of you I think you look really good. You know how it goes though, we are hard on ourselves. When I see most pictures of myself I want to jump off of a bridge. I think "Holy fuck, am I that fricken big? I look like a damn manatee at Sea World." Sigh. Women need to love themselves more.


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