Friday, March 7, 2014

After Midnight...

It's after midnight here and I'm just now getting to sit down and work on my blog.  It's been a busy and somewhat crazy day.  And soon, I need to head to bed and get some actual sleep.  But I wanted to be sure and get in this post -- I've missed too many as-is. 

Anyways, slept in a bit today but nothing crazy -- youngest was up and raring to go!  So, up we got.  I wasn't up long before I had to start getting ready to go.  I had a Dentist appt. and then a few errands.  I feel like I was gone ALL DAY but it was really only about 4hrs.  There was the Dentist, Costco, Chiro, and then I picked up some food cause I was STARVING.  It was a bad day to get back to calorie counting, but I did.  But I did it with the idea not to really count, but more to track and just see what I end up with each day over the course of a week.  Then I am going to go from there.  I think I am going to go ahead with weight lifting alone.  I hate to do that, but I don't really have any other option.  I just won't be able to push myself as much as I would like.  I will save that for when hubby and I can workout together.  That may make things go slower, but I'm ok with slow and not ok with standing still.  Which is what I have been.  Yes, I've been sick and injured, blah blah blah.  But it's time to cut the crap and get back at it.  You know, I just realized why it felt like it was all day.  I forgot that after hubby left I took the kiddos to Kroger with me and then McD's.  <--  Yup.  That's why today was off!  I ate out twice and we rarely do that.  McD's didn't hurt me at under 400 cals... Nope, it was the Sonic burger that did me in!  HA!  Oh well, one day.  Gotta let it go.  But many of the errands are done.  I didn't get them all done, but a chunk was knocked out.  I should go do some tomorrow, but I just don't know if I want to fight with the crazy weekend traffic. 

So all in all, a good day.  Long, but good.  I got the kids in bed and then decided to go ahead and put away dishes, load the dishwasher, put away some groceries from earlier, and pick up.  I also threw laundry in the dryer.  That's all I got, though.  I'm shot and about ready to hit the bed!  LOL  And thankfully, my head isn't itching so bad I want to claw myself to death!  This weather change has really messed up my head.  Hopefully it clears soon.

GAH.  I don't know what else to talk about.  My day was what it was.  My cals were ridic high.  I'm tired and can't even think clearly.  Too much on my brain but nothing worth talking over.  Guess I should bring this to an end and move on and get ready for bed soon.  I don't even know what I'm doing tomorrow.  LOL  But I guess I better get some rest so I can do whatever it is that needs to get done.  Like... paying bills.  Yup.  Need to do that!

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