Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Pretty ok.

Helllllll----oooooo!  Now, say that again, but in the voice of Mrs. Doubtfire!  If you don't know who that is... well... I have no help for you!  LOL 

Today has been an ok day.  We are STILL having drama with the eBay situation, but not much we can do but ride it out.  Hubby is saying that if they don't find in our favor, he is done.  Not that we did much business with them anyways, but I know he is very hurt and upset by this whole situation considering he feels like he has done the right thing.  I have decided I can't keep stressing over it and I am handing it over to God.  We've really done all we can on our side and at this point, it's not in our control so why keep stressing over it?  I know I'm stressing over it for different reasons since there was a time when I had an issue with a hair salon.  The price range was about the same.  But the point is, the chick fried my hair and tried to act like I liked it.  I didn't and was in such shock, I didn't know what to do.  So I paid, left, and came home hoping that it looked better than I thought only for my husband and Mom to see it and freak out -- it was truly awful.  I cried and called her immediately and told her I was unhappy and wanted to come in and get it fixed ASAP.  She basically refused saying she gave me exactly what I wanted.  Which it wasn't.  So, I filed a complaint with the BBB.  Without them ever checking back with me, they found in her favor because she had supplied an old pic of me that my husband had posted that said 'My Beautiful bombshell wifey'.  Or something along those lines.  The BBB didn't even LOOK at the date which was more than 4mos. previous to the date I wrote about.  They didn't even LOOK at the current pic.  They just said there was 'sufficient evidence of unjust complaint'.  So now I'm worried that even though we have a TON of evidence showing that we have TRIED to make things right with this seller, that they won't even look at what we are saying since I have had it happen before.  So, that is why I have to hand it over and have faith that God will take care of it.  And that no matter what the outcome, the result is what it has to be for whatever reason.  Of course we always hope for the best outcome for us, but I'm not sure what the plan is for the big picture.  I guess we will see.

We started working on re-arranging the garage today.  I spent a good day cleaning it not long ago, so that was out of the way.  So today we spent moving things around.  The W/D got moved down and back a few inches and I put the shelves back up and moved many of my cleaning supplies onto those shelves.  I took everything out of the deep freezer, de-iced it, moved it across the garage to where the hubby had moved the W/D and removed a shelf, put everything back in and then wiped everything down.  I also decluttered a bit more.  Hubby worked on the shelving area and making a new cat box area.  We weren't able to finish that, but we talked it over, took measurements, etc.  All in all, we stayed busy down there but I don't really feel like I did as much as I could.  I've really felt that way lately.  After we got the kiddos in bed, I managed to get the hubby's hair cut.  I trimmed my oldest's bangs the other day, but it needs a true overall trim, too.  Think I will do that this weekend.  Youngest... well, seems like the hair is good there so we'll just wait.  :)  So you see, I got a good amount done.  It just doesn't really feel like it.  I just don't know why.

Food has been ok.  Still staying between 1600 and 2000.  Weight is still around 179.  So... holding steady.  Got  a good session of lifting in the other day and hope to get one tomorrow.  Today I got plenty doing the freezer!  We store our foods in crates and baskets so we can separate and move foods by like foods.  Makes it SO much easier to dig out what we need when we need it!  Moving those when they are frozen and full of food was a workout.  Especially since I had to do it a few times.  But I look forward to another session tomorrow. 

All in all, things have been pretty ok.  Tomorrow I need to focus on doing bills.  I've gotten things paid and all that, but I really need to get all of the receipts up to date and see where we stand on our debt payment.  Last I checked, we had paid off one card, gotten the medical bill taken care of, and paid down about 80% on another card (the new one).  I think we are going to close the old card because after a couple of months of comparison, the new one is much better.  I would like to work on getting the refi card paid off and go from there.  I think that only leaves water softener system, HVAC loan and the car.  But I am not worried on the car.  Interest rate was crazy low so we are good.  Water system and HVAC are important and big.  Need to work on those.  That may be what our income tax goes to.  I guess we will see.  I know our savings needs to be bulked back up, but I am going to work on that.  I need to do our budget for the next few months and put in any changes.

That's about it.  That's what I've been doing and what I will be doing.  I just wish I felt... perkier.  I think it may be PMS or something.  Seems about the same time as last time when I just felt... off.  So, I'll just do what I can and let what will be, be.  Off I go and I hope I haven't bored you to tears!

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  1. Geez, that really sucks about the ebay thing. You can leave reviews for buyers though right? If it ends badly, just give that girl a very negative review explaining what she did. I have always shied away from selling things on ebay, although I've made purchases in the past. After hearing your experience, I'm never selling anything on there.
    I want to sell the white kitchen aide that I have (mostly because I don't like white, and it was given to me), and I considered doing it on ebay, but it just seems like a hasslel. Somebody I know needs a new blender, and I told her she could have it for 75 (which I thought was a good deal) and she tried to haggle me down to fifty. Bah! I said no. I have a microwave, and air conditioner, a kitchen aide, and a brand new food saver in the box that has never been used, and I need to get rid of it all. Everybody I know just wants stuff for free though. Le sigh.


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